Bad Ads… or great ones?

Being a boring old white guy, I would probably be convinced by an ad showing parallel parking.

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4 Responses to Bad Ads… or great ones?

  1. Little Davey says:

    I want a car that can force its way to the front of the drive-up line at Starbucks.


    • w3ski4me says:

      You mean a tracked vehicle like a small tank or a personnel carrier?


      • Little Davey says:

        Good ideas!

        I was thinking a limo, bus, Hearse, demolition derby car, or one of those “funny cars” that can either drive directly on the tops of cars with the enormous wheels, or the wheels are so tall that they actually have clearance over the cars, or a tow truck, or the vehicle on Myth Busters that drilled a hole in the car ahead. Airport runway sized snow plow.

        Or a tiny Smart car…just drive into the space between the first and second cars.

        Oh hey, this thing:

        Or a helicopter.

        From science fiction, a transporter, or just a Terminator. The hulk.


  2. MDavis says:

    Ten, they’re selling the automatic parallel parking feature now.
    One boring old white guy heard!


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