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Get yer MAGA hats here!

And now the Red Hats are threatening the National Archives, you know, where their much beloved Constitution is kept:

In the nearly three weeks since the FBI searched former president Donald Trump’s Florida home to recover classified documents, the National Archives and Records Administration has become the target of a rash of threats and vitriol, according to people familiar with the situation. Civil servants tasked by law with preserving and securing the U.S. government’s records were rattled.

On Wednesday, the agency’s head sent an email to the staff. Though academic and suffuse with legal references, the message from acting archivist Debra Steidel Wall was simple: Stay above the fray and stick to the mission.

“NARA has received messages from the public accusing us of corruption and conspiring against the former President, or congratulating NARA for ‘bringing him down,’ ” Steidel Wall wrote in the agencywide message, which was obtained by The Washington Post. “Neither is accurate or welcome.”

The boneheads are so enthralled with Dear Leader that they are essentially threatening a museum.

UPDATE 1 from Politico’s email thingie:

The former president tapped partisan allies to negotiate with the Archives, rather than the usual apolitical representatives — “yet another norm that Trump broke,” they write. And the Archives is now grappling with the security fallout: On Friday, after Trump made false claims about BARACK OBAMA’s records, local police had to increase security at an Archives outpost in Illinois.

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5 Responses to Today In Cult News

  1. artahzen says:

    Like the Taliban before them, and ISIS, these magats will try to destroy the Archives and leave a smoldering ruin in its place.

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  2. roket says:

    Well, according to Stephen Miller [in the remainder of the partial video clip posted yesterday] an obscure unelected bureaucrat with the NARA sicced the FBI on his favorite preznint on a whim. You may recall that Stephen Miller is the obscure unelected bureaucrat who came up with the idea of ripping babies from their mother’s arms at the border. But of course, that’s completely different.

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  3. Ralph Wiggam says:

    I wonder who checked the security clearance for all the box loaders and truck drivers who had possession of all that top secret information between the White House and Merde-a-Lago? Who unloaded the truck and carried the boxes to the basement? Hmmmm?


  4. w3ski4me says:

    Years ago the Eureka Ca. Zoo had a resident chimp, some of you may remember old Bill. Occasionally someone would rile up old Bill and he’d throw his shit thru the bars and try to get the hecklers. Behavior not unlike a current twice impeached ex-president. His behavior is so like Bill’s that I have to wonder if one day Donny visited Bill and thought, “Wow, I could do that”.

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  5. *FelineMama* says:

    DumbAss Donny needs to wear one of these MAGA hats, No ??
    Actually, maybe an actual toilet seat ‘hat’ would be more appropriate. With maga logo, of course !! He respects toilets. He kept them fed. A LOT !!!!!!!!!!!


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