More Please

Dark Brandon

President Handsome Joe Biden
(undated file photo)

The official White House Twitter account took off the gloves and put on the brass knuckles and  posted a thread responding to about a half-dozen of the usual suspects, er, Republicans complaining about student debt forgiveness with the dollar amount that congressperson had received in PPP loan forgiveness.

It’s pretty great finally seeing a Democrat bring a knife to a knife fight. I hope they do the whole set!

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5 Responses to More Please

  1. Stony Pillow says:

    Reading the fine print, he draws a wide gap between “MAGA” Rs and “Regular” Rs.

    Ain’t no difference, except for Cheney and a few outliers.

    Nonetheless, even that much is amazing. Didn’t think he had it in him.

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  2. The Obama administration showed all the hallmark signs of Biden being the driving force for 8 years between 2008-2016. Biden is a smooth operator and knows how to get shit done. These last 18 months are proof of that.

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  3. Jimmy T says:

    The hell with bringing a knife to a knife fight, handsome Joe brought a machete…

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  4. MDavis says:

    I’m so pleased to see the prep work. The white house was ready for the rending of pearls and fainting couches with names and numbers. They might even have a bot watching the twitters for certain Rs tweets and keywords or however bots work.

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