A Little Night Music

Hat tip: Scissorhead GRS

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  1. Richard Portman says:

    I will take this opportunity to complain about that word “woke ” that they use on us everyday. It is just like saying [*Tengrain was here and struck out offensive group names] or loser, or cripple, or orphan , or boomer, or gens X Y and Z and all the millennials.

    Everytime we make a suggestion we get called woke. We don’t stay up all night trying to make these Republicans go to jail. We just are trying to live peacefully in our country.

    We are not the people who brought you Donald Trump and all the rest of those criminals.

    Woke and CRT is what they offer us, with a side dish of preachers and pedophiles and corrupt pizza parlors.
    Woke. Dangerous radical liberal Democrats.
    They talk like we are enemies of the country. We are the country.
    Those Republican jackers are spending all their time playing footsie in Washington, trading districts like they are gambling chips.
    Also, they are raping and disrespecting a vulnerable religious minority. I’m ok with Christians, fun times! But i can’t do that. I can’t believe they have turned out this way.

    This is a long rant. But next time i get called woke, i will do it again.

    * Tengrain was here! – my blog, my rules and I don’t allow those words, especially in comments. If I allow you to publish some of those words, I have to allow everyone, including the occasional Right wing crank who gets in here. I try to run a tight ship and be fair to all the Scissorheads, I hope you will forgive and understand.

    To be fair, in the context of the rant, it all makes sense, it was not gratuitous.

    I’ll add this to your righteous rant: whenever I hear someone using “woke” in this manner, I immediately substitute “Civil Rights” in its place, and that is usually what they are saying that they are against. It says much more about the speaker than about the subject of their scorn. —TG

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    • Sirius Lunacy says:

      I see woke as the new politically correct. Which is just another way to say the golden rule. You know, treat others as you would have them treat you. Of course the Christian Crazies can’t rant against the golden rule but if they give it another name then they can pretend it’s something completely different and a bad thing.

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  2. Jimmy T says:

    Wowed and somewhat hypnotized, but totally worth it…

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