Some Lunchtime Reading

A BRIEF HISTORY OF TRUMPWORLD TELL-ALLS at Vanity Fair reminds me of Spy Magazine of old. Really well done thumbnail sketch of the plethora (or is it a cornucopia?) of egregious books from insiders from the Third Reich nitwits.

They have categories for

  • The Author – who the person is and why you might consider reading their tell-all
  • The Reveal – the big reason anyone might want to read the damn thing
  • The Irony – some conflict the author might have with the reveal. I could hear Eiron giggling, I swear.
  • Number of books sold – did the BS sell?

Seriously, very Spy-like. I miss this sort of brief, snarky, accurate reportage.

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4 Responses to Some Lunchtime Reading

  1. Jimmy T says:

    Ten books so far, but from the brief descriptions I’m thinking they’re all just exercises in frenetic arm waving and finger pointing. It’s all a collective spurting of, “We didn’t do anything wrong OK,” except they will always be associated with the worst president ever…

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  2. Meremark says:

    “brief, sparky, accurate”

    MIS: George Seldes “Witness to a Century.”


    • Richard Portman says:

      Tedious, wet tinder, lies.

      Witness to a Century he calls this book? Where do they find these people?
      Nevermind, i have a pretty good idea. It doesn’t make it right.
      Why do we have a bunch of Republican fratboys and biblefreaks running our country?


  3. Richard Portman says:

    A few years from now, all these “books” will be polluting the shelves of our favorite local charity thrift stores. Like a flash flood, a big stinking logjam of danger and corruption.


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