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Now try getting out of the tree.

Back when I was a wee ‘Grain working at one of the Big Advertising Agencies in L.A., I spent a lot of time trying to understand the media, and as you can see looking around this blog, it done me proud.

Anyway, one of the thing I learned about is counter-programming, which is when an outlet knows that they have a bad hand (Someone else has the NFL game! SAD!) they might try a desperate strategy to round up the rest of the non-NFL viewing market, and that’s how you end up with colossal mistakes like airing an expensive live musical opposite the Big Game, rather than just put on a re-run of a popular show and hope for the best and not lose too much money.

I bring this up because I learned today that the Republican party of wackos, weirdos, and unrepentant scoundrels, headed by the very dim numpty Rona Romney McDaniel at the RNC, thinks that if voters see MORE of the GOP candidates, like, say, Herschel Walker yelling about trees getting too much money and whatnot, we will come around to liking them. And no, I don’t know what she’s smoking.

During a 36-minute conference call, a recording of which was obtained by POLITICO, McDaniel argued that the party has strong Senate candidates and a favorable political environment.

That she was not laughed off the call right then shows remarkable restraint.

“We absolutely have better candidates and a better message,” McDaniel said, pushing back on what she described as a false, media-driven narrative that the GOP’s prospects in Senate races are waning.

Yeah, the better message is always one of mocking stroke victims, and complaining about the high cost of crudité, let alone other candidates who are letting their enthusiasm for Hitler be well known.

Do continue.

“So my call to action today,” McDaniel added, “is to please help us invest in these Senate races specifically. Give to any of these Senate candidates, all of these Senate candidates if you can, so all of them can be on TV.”

Because what voters are yearning for is to see more of these weirdos like Arizona’s white nationalist Blake Masters or Ohio’s authenticity-challenged hillbilly effigy JD Vance, and of course Pennsylvania’s break-out social media sensation, Mehmet Oz.

And unbelievably, one donor liked what he was hearing from Rona Romney and offered some sage advice: make it frightening, and he tossed in some sexism because: Republican –

Hard-hitting kind of spots with a man’s voice, no soft pedal,” [Republican mega-donor Steve Wynn] suggested, before giving a sample script: “‘They’re coming after you if you’re a waiter, if you’re a bartender, if you’re anybody with a cash business … they’re coming after you.’”

Got it? Wynn is aiming the lies at the working stiff, when if anything the Dem’s policy is aimed squarely at people making $400K+ Ameros, you know, like Steve Wynn. But wait! There’s more:

During a question-and-answer session, Republican mega-donor Steve Wynn asked whether there are any dark-money nonprofits that contributors could give to. Unlike political action committees, those groups aren’t required to disclose their donors.

Some donors, Wynn said, “are self-conscious for reasons that are personal to them, business people and folks like that” and would rather give anonymously.

Thank-you SCOTUS and Citizens United!

So, yeah, Rona, burn through piles of Wynn’s millions to put Hitler fan bois on the air because really, we need to let their fascist freak flags fly.

Do it.

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5 Responses to News That Will Drive You To Drink

  1. Blake Masters is busy scrubbing retconning his website to try to make the skirts forget he called for a national law conferring legal personhood on a fetus and charging doctors with murder, and now supports a ban on third trimester abotions.

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  2. Richard Portman says:

    Rona Romney McDaniel gives me a big headache. Everytime i even try to think about her, i get a headache. Also, she is not useful for the big plan. She is over there licking Washington boots, but they don’t trust her because Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It gives me a headache. She looks like some renegade Mormon who ran off to join the Republicans because they have the money. It is complicated.


    • She is over there licking Washington boots, but they don’t trust her because Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

      I don’t think so, I think it’s because she’s not MAGA enough.


  3. IMRowPog says:

    Thank you Slick Sammy [Is it odd that his long connections to the Trump family are never discussed?], who’s still angry Byron White did select him as a clerk.


  4. Buttermilk Sky says:

    They just got $1.6 billion from Leonard Leo and they need more money because when you have awful candidates, you need to shove them in people’s faces more often and “with a man’s voice”? Got it.


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