About Last Night…

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Guys, did you know that Floriduh and NY (and Oklahoma) had primaries yesterday? We warned you!


  • Charlie Crist won the primary against Nikki Fried, so Floriduh Dems think maybe a third try for Crist is better than a first try to Fried to take Ron DeSantis to the hoop.
  • Val Demmings won her primary in a 84% landslide, and will now go up against Li’l Marco Rubio, officially. Clearly the Democrats are united for her which they will need to be to march Rubio into the sea.
  • So what happened to Deming’s old seat, you ask? Charismatic Afro-Cuban Yute of Today Maxwell Alejandro Frost (D) won his primary in FL-10. If Frost wins in the general —and he should— he’ll be the first member of Gen- Z to be elected to Congress.
  • Matt Gaetz won his nomination, and we wonder how big a demographic the creepy leaches are in Floriduh.
  • Looney Lara Loomer will NOT be the Republican in the general election, having lost to establishment dude Daniel Webster, and you’d never guess it!  Can you believe that she isn’t conceding and is accusing, you know, dark forces and whatnot of stealing… a GOP primary.

New York, New York (a helluva mess)

  • As we all know, DCCC chairman Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney set off the whole musical chairs in NY when he jumped to NY-17. He dispatched progressive challenger Alessandra Biaggi, 66.7% to 33.3%, and for those of you who like to bash the DCCC (and you should!), have at it. This self-serving mook will be re-elected easily for years to come and will likely become a person in Congressional leadership.
  • Septuagenarian incumbent Rep. Jerry Nadler walloped septuagenarian incumbent Rep. Carolyn Maloney, 55.4% to 24.4%. A musical chairs loss of an incumbent for Sean Patrick.
  • Another musical chairs loss of an incumbent for Sean Patrick: gay/block incumbent Rep. Mondaire Jones lost to straight white Levi Strauss Heir and Trump impeachment prosecutor Daniel Goldman.
  • And in Team Evil news NY-23: Republican establishment candidate Nick Langworthy  edged out Nazi (ALLEGED) Carl Paladino  52.1% to 47.9%.


  • A bunch Republicans won whatevs and will be elected in November.
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4 Responses to About Last Night…

  1. Sirius Lunacy says:

    This Floriduh Dem was 100% for Nikki. Crist is just a Republican slightly warmed over. DeathSantis is spending a TON on advertising, it is all I see here in Florida. Hopefully the Dems will get rolling soon. Last week, a young Dem co-worker of mine asked who was running against DeathSantis. She is fairly active politically, but hadn’t even heard of Crist or Fried. Not a good sign.


    • tengrain says:

      I’m not optimistic.

      But I do hope that maybe in 2018 no one knew DeSantis and now they do. It’s a possibility?




      • Sirius Lunacy says:

        In 2018 DeSantis presented himself as far more moderate. And in his first few months in office he actually was. I don’t know if that was just all BS to get his foot in the door of if he was seduced to the dark side after he got elected, but yes, we know who he is now and maybe, just maybe we’ve learned. Alas, they don’t call us Floriduh for nothing.


    • Mike B. says:

      I’m surprised she never heard of Crist. As I’m sure you know, he was governor for 4 years (as a Republican), then while governor ran for Senate (as an Independent – lost to Rubio), then after his term ended he turned into a Democrat and ran for governor against Rick Scott (close, but he lost). Granted, that must have been 8 years ago, but I figure he still had name recognition. (He also worked for Morgan and Morgan after being governor – I wouldn’t be surprised if John Morgan gave him some money.)


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