NC, Whaddup? (News That Will Drive You To Drink)

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Guys, North Carolina has a live one. Let’s meet North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson, who looks in the mirror each morning and surprisingly sees himself, er, sees a future governor, you know, on a platform of taking things away from North Carolinians. Well, yes, he is a Republican, how could you tell?

— North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson is dropping more hints about a potential run for governor in 2024. And, if elected, he says he’d work to keep science and history out of some elementary school classrooms. He says he’d also seek to eliminate the State Board of Education, end abortion and work to prevent transgender people from serving in the military.

Welcome to North Carolina, er, the Dart Ages.

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8 Responses to NC, Whaddup? (News That Will Drive You To Drink)

  1. work to prevent transgender people from serving in the military.

    And he would do this exactly how?

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  2. And stunningly He really is in favor of eliminating science and history in elementary schools.

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    • tengrain says:

      Would I lie?



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      • Honestly I thought you were speaking metaphorically, like he was railing against evilution, vaccines, CRT, “wokeism”, and slavery-is-bad lessons…not literally Not gonna teach them science. social studies or history at all.

        🎵Don’t know much about hi-sto-ry
        Don’t know much bio-logy
        Don’t know nuthin about where I live
        They didn’t teach me geography🎶

        In the state where “Research Triangle” is a thing.

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  3. HarpoSnarx says:

    “But, but, without all them thar librul arts thangs, what’s our next jihad to save Murica?”

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  4. Mike B. says:

    He has a lot more to say. He wants to eliminate public schools. He’s against abortion but he and his wife decided she should have one. He regrets it now, of course. He’s against talking about equity or social justice in elementary schools. Gays shouldn’t come to schools, especially elementary schools, and talk about what happens in the bedroom, as if that actually happens. There’s plenty more.

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  5. roket says:

    Where have all the small gummit republicans gone?

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