FL, NY, OK Primaries Tomorrow!

Guys, if you life in the Empire State or Floriduh (Motto: Where the Debris Meets The Sea),  or Oklahoma (if it really does exist, and we have our doubts) tomorrow is your big chance to vote in the primary and maybe throw some of the bums out. Let’s Explore!


  • The only race for gubnor worth watching will be between former governor and current representative Charlie Crist and Florida Agriculture Secretary Nikki Fried. While Fried is a political newbie, the SCOTUS Dobbs decision is putting some wind behind her with Floriduh women. Whoever wins will be taking on the much-loathed Ron DeSantis (and let’s face it, he is going to win his primary against a handful of Republican nobodies), so the real question for Democrats: which of those two can win against DeSantis.
  • Li’l Marco Rubio is running unopposed in his primary, and Val Deming is unopposed running in hers. Yawn.
  • Congressional Seats – Val Deming’s old seat (FL 10) is up for grabs as is Charlie Crist’s (FL-13). There are ten (10!) candidates running for Deming’s including Alan Grayson (domestic abuse) and Corinne Brown (fraud). It should be a race to watch.

NY, NY: It’s a helluva mess!

Because of the 2020 redistricting, Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, who is running the DCCC, chose to run in the newly drawn (and bluer) NY-17 instead of his current NY-18. This is why Mondaire Jones moved to NY-10, and that pushed Jerry Nadler to move to NY-12 and pits him against Carol Maloney, so a 75-year old man against a 76-year old woman, and it is not even for a seat at the early bird special!

Anyway, these are the races I think will be interesting to watch

  • NY-10 will puts incumbent Mondaire Jones —a Black/Gay dude— against Dan Goldman —a White heir to a fortune and the federal prosecutor who lead one of the impeachments of Hair Füror. Those are some BIG DYNAMICS right there.
  • NY-23 is all about the Republicans. Will loathsome Carl Paladino —Paladino has said that Adolf Hitler is “the kind of leader we need today,” compared Michelle Obama to a gorilla, and has e-mailed bestiality porn to colleagues, and just the other day suggest that AG Merrick Garland “probably should be executed”— against the chairman of the New York Republican Party, Nick Langworthy.


It’s all Republican on Republican actions, and we predict a Republican will win.

  • Senate: James Lankford will win his primary.
  • Senate Special Election: The Republican candidates are Rep. Markwayne Mullin (R-OK) and former state House Speaker T.W. Shannon, and one of ‘em will face off against the Democratic nominee former Rep. Kendra Horn to fill retired Sen. James Inhofe’s seat for 4 years.
  • OK-02 is two spare Republicans, and I don’t think that there is a Democratic race here.

The Betting Window is open! Have your Quatloos ready!

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2 Responses to FL, NY, OK Primaries Tomorrow!

  1. w3ski4me says:

    Ah, Oklahoma. There went I except by the grace of god. When I was a wee bee, my Mom got pissed at my Dad and took my Sister and me to her parents in Oklahoma. They finally made up, temporarily, and we all moved back to Liberal Ca. but I just thought about how I could have been forced to grow up there. Ugh.

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  2. Richard Portman says:

    Sorry Oklahoma, nobody cares what you think. We all left during The Grapes of Wrath.
    There was no future there. Shout out to my cousins in Alva.


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