Golden Schlafly Awarded

The Golden Schlafly!

The much-coveted Golden Schlafly is awarded to Tudor Dixon, Michigan’s Republican nominee for gubnor who clinched it easily:

The Republican nominee for governor in Michigan said she opposes abortion in cases of rape – even when the victim is a child – because of the “bond” that the mother and child will eventually enjoy.

Anchor Roop Raj followed up by asking Dixon whether she’d support an abortion exception for a 14-year-old rape victim who because pregnant as a result.

This was her response:

“I’ve talked to some other legislators about this. And they’ve met the same people that I’ve met who’ve told their story of, once this child knew they were in their second or third trimester, and I am that child, you know?

“I’ve talked to those people who were the child of a rape victim and the bond that those two people made and the fact that out of that tragedy there was healing through that baby, it’s something that we don’t think about because we assume that that story is someone who was taken from the front yard, then returned.

“That’s generally not the story there. And those voices – the baby’s of rape victims – that have come forward are very powerful when you hear their story and what the truth is behind that. It’s very hard to not stand up for those people.”

The Golden Schlafly is awarded to the women who sets back women the most, just like its namesake.

And in breaking news sure to make Ms. Dixon upset:

A Michigan judge on Friday blocked county prosecutors from enforcing the state’s 1931 ban on abortion for the foreseeable future, after two days of witness testimony from abortion experts, providers and the state’s chief medical officer.

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12 Responses to Golden Schlafly Awarded

  1. roket says:

    At least she’s perfectly clear. We must protect the mother/sisters for their own good and keep incestual rape in the family.

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    • Mike B. says:

      I didn’t think it was that clear but this at least makes the second paragraph make sense – the victim wasn’t taken from the front yard and returned, because she was raped at home. And it seems the bond she’s talking about might be between the victim and the rapist, healing through having the baby together. If the victim was taken from the front yard and returned, she likely wouldn’t see the rapist again, and Tudor thinks the fact that this normally doesn’t happen is significant (no healing, I guess). I think you’ve read her correctly.


  2. w3ski4me says:

    I understand that empathy and compassion aren’t exactly school subjects, but this woman really missed out in the humanities. She should be ashamed of her callousness, instead of outspoken. Typical GqP. Maybe if they douse her with water as they did to the other wicked witch, she might vanish. “what a world, what a world.” w3ski

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  3. ali redford says:

    Ooo, stuff like that makes me so angry to hear. Of course most people who are born are thankful that choice was made, when it was a choice. That said, I remember back when I worked for the judges, and saw awful things that happened with and to people who not only didn’t ask to be born, but were not thankful that choice was made, because they were not wanted. That sounds awful yet I hope it makes sense (and it is awful. Way more awful than Randall Terry’s doctored abortion photos.) Who protects those people from the consequences of the choice their parent/s made?

    The pregnant person knows what they can do. They will and should be able do it their way. That’s how it should be. It’s no one else’s concern.

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  4. Richard Portman says:

    Way up here in the peanut gallery we are snickering. I once had a cat called Keeters.
    I should have called her Tudor, because she always brought me the heads and gallbladders.

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  5. *FelineMama* says:

    I always, since a couple years ago, UNIMPORTANT, pronounced this witch’s , ah, female, whatever, name as, “sch-la-fly”. Did she land on pence’s head one time?
    Anyway, still works for me.

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