Floriduh Man

Gov. DeSantis prepares to swat voters snouts.

Axios’ morning email thingie (all formatting is theirs, I swear!):

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, a top potential ’24 presidential candidate, announced that his Office of Election Crimes and Security, formed in April, was arresting 20 people for breaking Florida elections law.

I’ll interject here: the Office of Election Crimes and Security is like his secret police, and reports directly and only to him.

  • The press releasewas headlined: “In Florida, if you commit an Elections Crime, you will do the time.”

💨 Quick context: The charges mark the opening salvo from the Office of Election Crimes and Security, which from its conception drew widespread criticism from Democrats and voting rights groups who feared the unit would serve as a political tool for the governor, AP reports.

Photo: Anthony Man/South Florida Sun Sentinel via Getty Images

Above: These signs were distributed to the audience at DeSantis’ presser, held in a Broward County courtroom.

🧠 Reality check: The 20 people were among more than 11 million Florida voters who cast ballots in the 2020 election. Voter fraud is rare and is generally detected.

Let’s also note that 20/11,000,000 is a very, very small percentage AND that 20/21,000,000 (the population of Floriduh) is even a smaller percentage.  And let’s also note that

[Florida] also overwhelmingly decided to grant felons the right to vote by a nearly 2-to-1 margin.

The passage of Amendment 4, the Voting Rights Restoration for Felons Initiative, was not the end of that particular fight. Even before he took office, though, DeSantis called for legislation that would constrain implementation of the seemingly straightforward policy. In June 2019, the new governor signed a bill that mandated that felons be enfranchised only after they had repaid any outstanding fines or fees they owed.

…so surely some of those 20 probably thought that they had the right to vote.  And they probably do have the right to vote.

And let’s also note that at least 4 Republicans in The Villages were caught casting actual fraudulent votes for Hair Füror.

So what do we conclude from all this? Ron DeSantis is a grandstanding jerk who wasted Florida’s tax money on his own pet project and that they found absolutely nothing that would change any voting outcome.


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  1. DeSantis is to Trump as Wallace was to Nixon.

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  2. Sirius Lunacy says:

    “In Florida, if you commit an Elections Crime AND YOU ARE BROWN, you will do the time.”

    FTFY DeathSantis

    The big showy announcement was held in Dade County, the bluest county in the state. Strictly for intimidation purposes. I wonder how much it cost the taxpayers to have him do it there rather than Tallahassee.


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