Some Fries With Your Stupid, Ron?

Sweet, sweet relief

I don’t know why Floriduh is having a hard time finding teachers. Oh, wait.

’Tis a mystery.

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6 Responses to Some Fries With Your Stupid, Ron?

  1. ali redford says:

    Whew. What?

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  2. Jimmy T says:

    Never in my wildest dreams did I believe that stupid could run and will be the ruination of the country. I hope the good sane and intelligent people of Floriduh and Americans in general get the willies watching this ad for ultimate stupidity…

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  3. schmice3 says:

    What a truly stupid man. If you are vaxxed and boosted but you still get COVID, you’re not going to end up on a ventilator. That’s good I would say. Also, revising theories doesn’t we were lied to, it means that the scientists made adjustments in light of new data.

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    • Jimmy T says:

      Had Covid about six weeks back (caught it from the granddaughter), and yes I had all the shots and boosters. I was miserable for almost a week, but was able to walk the dog every day. Cindy T got it a lot worse than me, and was unable to leave the house for four days. The two of us were lucky in the sense that we believe in science, and vaccines, but then we’re both college grads. Those who’ve gone the Q-Anon route or believe in other such nonsense have no idea what they’re in for when they catch it. My doctor says everybody is going to get it at some point. So I guess there is a cure for stupidity…

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  4. osirisopto says:

    Woke is the new Red.

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  5. roket says:

    This is one of those clips that when the historians look at it they will point and laugh. Course Floriduh won’t even exist because it fell from grace with the sea by then.

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