About Last Night…

Liz Cheney stars in Dirty Dancing!

OK, Liz lost, bigly, to Donald Trump, and the people of The Big Empty, er, Wyoming elected a certifiable nutcase to replace Cheney (and lets face it, Hageman does not need to campaign for November, she’s the Representative-elect at this point).

This election confirms what we already knew: there is no fringe in the GOP, this is who they are. It’s official: The GOP = Trump.

Anyway, Liz is already planning her eventual Goat Rodeo Run:

Hours after her resounding primary defeat in Wyoming, Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) said early Wednesday that she was ‘thinking’ about running for president in 2024, the clearest acknowledgment yet that she is considering a bid for the White House that would test the viability of her conservative, anti-Trump platform.

“That’s a decision that I’m going to make in the coming months. But it is something that I am thinking about.”

And now on to Alaskastan… what a mess. OK, as I tried to explain on Monday they are having two elections for the same seat, AND they do ranked choice voting on the top 4 vote-getters. So what does this mean? Someone will win a seat in Congress to represent Alaska until January of 2023, and then there is the primary to win the same seat to become a candidate to represent Alaska in Congress 2023 onwards. It’s as clear as Tilde Swinton have a mayo fight with a polar bear in a snowstorm.

And so what’s happening there? Uh… not really sure. We turn to our much smarter pals at Electoral-Vote have a better grasp of the situ than me (emphasis mine):

Finally, the two House races. Alaska doesn’t have two seats in the House, of course, but they do have a deceased representative who needs replacing, and so yesterday featured both a special election for the rest of Don Young’s term and a regular election for a full term to commence in January 2023. Thus far, as you might expect, the results in both elections were very similar. In the special election, Democrat Mary Peltola leads with 37.5% of the vote, Sarah Palin (R) is right behind her with 32.3%, and Nick Begich (R) is in third with 28.8%. There hasn’t yet been time to process all the votes, much less go through the ranked choices, but obviously the second choices on all those Begich ballots are going to matter a great deal. We find it hard to accept that a bunch of Republicans would break roughly 80% for a Democrat, so we have to assume that Palin is headed to Washington once all the numbers are in. On the other hand, more than 60% of Alaskans don’t like her anymore, so who knows?

As to the full term, each candidate collected fewer votes than in the special election because there were more than 20 people on the full-term ballot. Once again, Peltola leads (34.8%), Palin is in second (31.7%) and Begich is in third (27.2%). The other candidates combined for less than 5% of the vote; the fourth person to advance will probably be Republican Tara Sweeney (3.4%). In November, the second-place choices on those Begich ballots and those Sweeney ballots are again going to be decisive. Once we see how the special election turns out, we’ll have a pretty good clue as to how the general is likely to turn out.

And so that’s last night in a nutcase: Trump is triumphant, Cheney is out, and Mooselini returns.

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8 Responses to About Last Night…

  1. osirisopto says:

    Everyone on the right – If you’re not surprised, raise your hand.

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  2. MinuteMan says:

    The analysis seems wrong. If 41% or more of Begich’s votes go against Mooselini the she loses. Since the rabid GQPers would have voted for The Caribou Clown, it’s not at all clear that they’ll go over to her en mass.

    I would have thought that if they could provide fish vote totals they could just add easily provide the instant runoff results as well.

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  3. Redhand says:

    It is frightening to realize (again) that one of our two “main” political parties is fascist. How does American democracy function, given this reality? Win or die?


  4. Mike B. says:

    I don’t understand EV’s math, and I’m not sure how Alaska’s system works. But in first place ballots, the Democrat is ahead, so why would she need more than half the third place finisher’s second place votes? If she gets 41%, then both the top 2 have about the same, 49.3%. Now maybe over 40% is hard to accept, but it’s easier than 80%, and it’s possible a lot of Begich’s voters left the second choice blank, if they voted for him because they really didn’t like Mooselini. Maybe I made a mistake somewhere, but if not, I think we need to wait and see.


  5. roket says:

    Sadly, they’ll have to do this all over again when Mooselini quits her job.

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  6. RevZafod says:

    So it’s gonna be a 3-way contest between Palin, MTG, and Boobert to replace mah man Screwy Louie Goober?

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  7. annieasksyou says:

    I don’t understand why Palin isn’t immediately eliminated on aural grounds alone. That voice! And she joins Greene and Boebert in the Republicans’ Guide to Wacky Women in Congress. Woe are we!


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