Some Fries with Your Stupid, RoJo

Sweet, sweet relief

“I think Mar-a-Lago is a pretty safe place. It has Secret Service protection, sounds like these documents might have been in a safe.” RoJo said.

(Hat tip: Scissorhead M Davis)

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7 Responses to Some Fries with Your Stupid, RoJo

  1. How the hell does that man walk without running into walls all the time?

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  2. schmice3 says:

    Idiot stick

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  3. Jimmy T says:

    There’s always a video of Dumbo making his case. I have to say that had this been Biden (not in thr realm of reality), he would have had a slightly different opinion…

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  4. HarpoSnarx says:

    Good thing the Perv Protector from Wisconsin hand delivers his treason trove of documents in person. Remember he intends to rape and murder Social Security and Medicare the second those zombie eyes look at the paperwork. Just a reminder.

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  5. retiredeng says:

    He didn’t say the safe was made of latex.

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  6. paul fredine says:

    remember he didn’t feel overly concerned during the 1/6 insurrection either because they weren’t blm/antifa doing the insurrectioning (i.e. they looked like him).

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  7. Redhand says:

    A prime contender for the stupidest Senator out of many GQP candidates. It astounds me that such an imbecile made it there at all and may even be re-elected.

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