TFG’s Motivation: He’s A Big Baby

Full of hot air?

This passage from the WaPo hints at another possible reason Hair Füror kept documents he should not have: He’s a Big Baby

Guarding national secrets

A Trump adviser said the former president’s reluctance to relinquish the records stems from his belief that many items created during his term — photos, notes, even a model of Air Force One built to show off a new paint job he had commissioned — are now his personal property, despite a law dating to the 1970s that decreed otherwise.


“He gave them what he believed was theirs,” the adviser said.


“He gets his back up every time they asked him for something,”said another Trump adviser. “He didn’t give them the documents because he didn’t want to. He doesn’t like those people. He doesn’t trust those people.”


John F. Kelly, Trump’s former chief of staff, said the former president had long exhibited a lack of respect for the strict rules for document handling sacred to the intelligence community, which is in the business of guarding the country’s national security.

“His sense was that the people who are in the intel business are incompetent, and he knew better,” Kelly said. “He didn’t believe in the classification system.”


Former national security adviser John Bolton said“almost nothing would surprise me about what’s in the documents at Mar-a-Lago.” He recalled that Trump would at times ask to keep the highly classified visual aids, pictures, charts and graphs prepared to augment his presidential daily brief, a document presented to him each day about key pressing issues, which he did not typically read.

“People were nervous enough about his lack of concern for classification matters that the briefers typically said, ‘Well, we need to take it back,’ ” Bolton said. “He’d usually give it back — but sometimes he wouldn’t give it back.”

There is a certain ring of truth to this. Lord Damp Nut is the kid at play school that hauls toys to a corner not to play with them, but so that the other kids cannot.

Of course, Trump’s Razor still applies: whatever the dumbest possibility that supporst the known facts is probably the correct one.

  • He was going to sell them (or already has)
  • Probably to the Saudis
  • For a lot of money

Just a thought, a spitball here, but the [nuclear?] secrets don’t necessarily have to be OUR secrets, per se. What if he has information about the nuclear capabilities of, oh, let’s say Israel, who officially don’t have ‘em.

Yeah, I’d guess the Saudis might be interested in that.

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5 Responses to TFG’s Motivation: He’s A Big Baby

  1. Redhand says:

    This fucking guy is 76 years old. The time has passed for coddling him like a spoiled ADHD-afflicted six-year-old. Indict him!

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  2. Stony Pillow says:

    Garland and the DOJ seem to feel getting the head of the Republican party on swiping/mishandling documents will do the job, like getting Capone on tax evasion.

    Sending Capone (who lived an hour’s drive south of Merde A Lardo on the coast) up the river didn’t do a thing about the problem of the Mob. Getting TFG on documents violations won’t do a thing about the insurrectionists, except magnify their fake sense of persecution.

    Not only that, but the real Trump Card is coming out today — he’s so stupid, he didn’t pack before January 6th, and just had to throw everything in Bankers boxes on the way out the door. With a good lawyer, that lie alone should keep him out of jail. It’s worked for him many times before.

    If Garland wants to defend this country, he’s going to have to man up and indict him for seditious conspiracy and all the other real crimes he committed after the election. Unless he has actual evidence of shopping the documents he can bring to court (better than the Zelinsky “perfect call”), this is just playing around (mango shitgibbon on the left, Garland on the right):

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  3. He’s a bit like me, I accrue future projects that I’ll probably never get to finish, he collects future crimes he’ll never get around to committing.


    • Redhand says:

      He needs to be charged with Jan 6th crimes also. It would be obscene not to. His sedition literally resulted in deaths. But these crimes too.

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