News That Will Drive You To Drink

Prznint Karen wants to talk to a manager at the DOJ

Well, THIS takes some brass:

Trump calls for return of privileged documents reportedly seized at Mar-a-Lago

Former President Trump on Sunday called on the FBI to return documents reportedly seized at Mar-a-Lago that are protected by attorney-client and executive privileges.

“Oh great!” Trump wrote on Truth Social.

“It has just been learned that the FBI, in its now famous raid of Mar-a-Lago, took boxes of privileged ‘attorney-client’ material, and also ‘executive’ privileged material, which they knowingly should not have taken,” Trump continued.

“By copy of this TRUTH, I respectfully request that these documents be immediately returned to the location from which they were taken,” he added. “Thank you!”

“What kinda businessman would I be if I welched on my client who paid good Ameros for these things?,” he did not add.

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10 Responses to News That Will Drive You To Drink

  1. Jimmy T says:

    Return the docs? Ok, it makes sense when you think about the years he’ll spend in the greybar hotel. He might actually need something to read…

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  2. roket says:

    Isn’t that cute? He still thinks he has executive privilege.

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  3. paul fredine says:

    ‘respectfully’? now you know he didn’t write that since he doesn’t know what respect is/means.


  4. HarpoSnarx says:

    Or he’s screwing with us . . . again.


  5. Does Trump even know how to type? keyboard henpecking I bet.

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  6. MDavis says:

    Will his base believe he actually “filed” for return of the documents the FBI took from him that he rightfully stole on his Twitter analogue?


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