Great Signs, Cont.


Just sayin’

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  1. schmice3 says:


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  2. Jimmy T says:

    Ten years per stolen top secret document is the going penalty. So, it’s basically a life sentence. I’d totally drink to that…

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  3. purplehead says:

    Back during the 2020 prez election, I bought one of these tee-shirts. I wore it on the Empire Builder Amtrak across the northern tier states to visit family. I encountered a few people while heading to the dining car or while walking around the corridors, who looked at me with scowling faces and then avoided me. Later I found out from a mother and her young teen daughter, who at first thought this was a pro-Trump shirt, until they really understood what it said. I was horrified! And quickly changed into a different shirt. When I returned home a couple weeks later, I donated it to the local Democratic Headquarters office to hang on their wall. Yikes! Funny, but poor design!

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