Domestic Tuckerism Alert

The Republican response to the search of Merde-a-Lardo has been swift and terrifying.

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) received an extremely disturbing voicemail from an angry Republican voter from Possum Hollar who threatened his life, the life of his wife,  and the lives of his kids (Fair Warning: it is REALLY disturbing and NSFW):

Hair Füror’s orcs and minions, er,  fascists have made voilent, antisemitic online threats against the judge who signed off on the warrant. They have posted his name, home address, phone numbers, and names of his family members with threats of violence. (Weird how Congress has not quickly passed a law giving him some protection like they did when some random dude turned himself in for having violent thoughts/plans for the Virgin Mayor of Keg City, Justice Rapey McJeebus.)

And it doesn’t stop there:

All I’m saying is that Possum Hollar is getting ready to rumble. It won’t take much for the weak-brained to pop off a round. Be careful out there.

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10 Responses to Domestic Tuckerism Alert

  1. Jimmy T says:

    Everyone should read this opinion piece from The Land Down Under. Irony isn’t dead, but it has evolved into a delightful form…

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  2. roket says:

    Bet he calls himself a Christian, also too.

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  3. w3ski4me says:

    I for one am really tired of hearing from overweight and housebound reactionaries that want to have a new civil war. They lost, they are losers and they will never win, but man do they have big loud mouths. When I was a teenage kid in the 60s’, I had friends that thought they were left-wing revolutionaries. Their spiel was what are you going to do when the revolution comes to you? I laughed then and I laugh now. Same ignorant stuff. Someone, please shut them all up.

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    • R White says:

      Ask any woman or minority in the dilapidated south, especially here in alabamistan, they will all tell you that the ‘south,’ or middle-aged white men without means lost the battles, but won the war with a brief moment of time between the years of ‘74-‘79 where social, civic and economic progress seemed possible.

      Now, everyday at every type of public or private venue, some idiotic redneck asshole who really hates themselves and their lack of any of life’s opportunities, have been emboldened by fat nixon, to spout off crazed nonsense about what they are going to do to right this nation’s perceived ills. It’s both tiresome and scary. No amount of debating, fact checking or pleading with what little humanity they have left shuts them down. If anything, the only thing we as progressives can do at this point is to arm ourselves since weapons of war are so readily available.


  4. ali redford says:

    This may be pertinent, maybe not; at 8:30 PM CDT is the Full Sturgeon Moon, a supermoon. I’ve noticed during life that some people truly have less impulse control during the days around a full moon. My co-workers and I always hated Fridays with full moons; the kiddoes needed to be kept active to stay out of trouble.

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  5. MDavis says:

    Difference between executing a warrant and a raid.
    Well, it isn’t really a “difference” thing so much as a raid is an option in the execution of a warrant.
    “A raid is the execution of a search warrant with the element of surprise because there is a reasonable likelihood that the people and place to be searched will use force to resist the search and/or destroy potential evidence.” (some guy on Quora, via google search)
    Any jackass claiming this was a raid is confirming that TFG was likely to suggest to hi minions that it would sure be nice if certain documents and/or other items would just… disappear.

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