RIP, Olivia Newton-John

I’m probably the only person reading this blog that has no fond memories of Grease, and surely that is what Olivia Newton-John was best know for, but I do have a fond memory of Xanadu, which is ridiculously over the top camp and rightfully capped off the disco years. It is a sort of joyous mix of Muses and roller disco, and if you have not seen it, give yourself a jaw-dropping evening’s entertainment; I’m told a gummy is just the thing to enjoy while watching it. It is of its era.

Newton-John was a cultural powerhouse of the ‘70s and she had a sense of humor about herself (see the video for Physical, for instance), and I’ve never, ever heard anyone say one bad word about her. I wish she had had more opportunities in film, the camera clearly loves her, but once the disco years were over, she was seen less and less often.

Olivia Newton-John was 73, and she will be missed.

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  1. ali redford says:

    I do love “Grease,” every now and then, but I loved the movie when it came out. Then I never have caught “Xanadu!” I also have read nothing but good about Olivia Newton -John, she always seemed to be a good human who happened to be talented, as well. RIP.

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  2. Mike B. says:

    She seemed like a likeable person, although I never saw Grease or Xanadu and wasn’t into her kind of music. Another great Australian singer, Judith Durham of the Seekers, died a few days ago. Their biggest song I think was “Georgy Girl,” which I didn’t care for, but I really liked “(I Know I’ll Never Find) Another You.”

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  3. RevZafod says:

    Never saw Grease, but I’m shattered. She was hot stuff.. I’d be a fool to cry, but time waits for no one.
    Your mention of the ’70’s and disco reminded me of the Rolling Stones album, Sucking in the Seventies.

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  4. *FelineMama* says:

    My husband is inconsolable !!!! Her voice was one in a million !!!
    We are on a trek for some videos !

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