Report from Michigan: What is it now, Big Liars?

Well, this is special: Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel (D, and up for re-eelection) is asking for a Special Prosecutor to investigate her opponent lawyer Matthew DePerno —who has been a leading election denier in Michigan— because he was “one of the prime instigators” of a conspiracy to convince Michigan clerks to allow unauthorized access to voting machines. He’s a Republican, of course.

She asked that an independent prosecutor be named to review the investigation and determine whether to file criminal charges against DePerno and eight others. They include a Michigan state representative and a county sheriff, as well as other key figures in the election denier movement.

As you can imagine, an AG charging their election opponent with a crime would be, uh, pretty loaded, practically Russian in fact. So asking for a Special Prosecutor to step in is probably the right thing to do, but it gives an opening for an attack:

“Dana Nessel knows she is losing this race,” [Tyson Shepard, DePerno’s campaign manager] told the News, which also reported the petition. “She is desperate to win this election at all costs and is now targeting DePerno, her political opponent. Her actions are unethical and will further demonstrate to the voters that she is unfit for office.”

Some details of the case ensue:

According to the petition, the tabulators were taken to hotel rooms and Airbnb rentals in Oakland County where a group of four men “broke into” the tabulators and performed “tests” on them. The petition says that DePerno was present at a hotel room during some of the testing…

…In the course of that lawsuit, DePerno persuaded a judge to authorize an examination of Antrim’s Dominion voting machines in early December 2020. That examination yielded a so-called “forensic report” claiming evidence that Dominion machines had been rigged to flip votes from Trump to Biden.

I hope that Dominion has a WaPo subscription, I suspect that they might be interested in adding another name to the roster of people to pursue.


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