4 States Have Primaries Tomorrow

H/T Scissorhead Jimmy-T

Guys, tomorrow four (4!) states hold their primaries, and the good/bad news is that none of ‘em have a bellwether issue like abortion rights like Kansas had last week. But still, there are things to look for!

Here’s the cut-out-and-keep MPS handicap sheet for the horse race coverage tomorrow.

  • Connecticut— The Secretary of State race pits election deniers (Republican candidates Dominic Rapini and Terrie Wood) versus rational Democrats (Stephanie Thomas  and Maritza Bond). There is also a Senate race, but does it matter? Democratic Sen. Sen. Richard Blumenthal will win in the general.
  • Minnesota— 3 Republicans are running against popular Gov. Tim Walz (DFL-MN), one of whom —former state senator Scott Jensen— is very MAGA.
  • Vermont— two women are running for the open seat. Vermont has never elected a woman to congress so this is a foregone conclusion that there will finally be a woman  representing them. Oh, they are Lt. Gov. Molly Gray and state Sen. Becca Balint who is openly lesbian, very progressive, and backed by Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. There are 3 Republican candidate who will ultimately lose, not gonna waste the pixels even to name them.
  • Wisconsin— The dumbest man in the Senate (and that’s saying something) RoJo is not being primaried, and the Democrats all dropped out to support Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes, so this election  is just pro forma. The WI-09 open seat might be fun to watch, only because Derrick Van Orden —the Republican candidate— was part of the Stupid Coup.

Wagers are accepted at the betting window in the comments. Quatloos only!

Let’s see how we did after this thing is over.

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  1. quakerenelbasement says:

    “…so this election is just performa.”
    Pro forma?

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