And Now We Know

(Hat tip: Scissorhead D-Cap)

Of the many crimes and misdemeanors of the 4th Reich, one of the most egregious and damaging must be the nomination and confirmation of the Virgin Mayor of Keg City —Brett Kavanaugh— to the now #IllegitimateSCOTUS.

When the possibility of our self-described pussy-grabbing ex-Prznint Stupid getting a fellow sex offender (ALLEGED by the very credible Christine Blasey Ford, who testified that Kavanaugh had sexually assaulted and tried to rape her when they were in high school) onto the court, you could hear pretty much all thinking Americans scream, and so an investigation of Justice Kegger ensued. As it turned out, it was a Potemkin village of an investigation.

In a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing last week, Sen. Whitehouse had the following exchange with FBI director Christopher Wray:

Whitehouse: As you know, we are now entering the fourth year of a frustrating saga that began with an August 2019 letter from me and Sen. Coons, regarding the Kavanaugh supplemental background investigation. And I’d like to try to get that matter wrapped up.

First, is it true that after Kavanaugh-related tips were separated from regular tipline traffic, they were forwarded to White House counsel without investigation?

Wray: I apologize in advance that it has been frustrating for you. We have tried to be clear in our process. So when it comes to the tipline, we wanted to make sure that the White House had all the information we have, so when the hundreds of calls start coming in, we gathered those up, reviewed them and provided them to the White House…

Whitehouse: Without investigation?

(long pause)

Wray: We reviewed them and then provided them to…

Whitehouse: You reviewed them for purposes of separating them from tipline traffic, but did not further investigate the ones that related to Kavanaugh, correct?

Wray: Correct.

Did you get that? They sorted the tip line to round-up the Kavanaugh tips (4,500!) to give them to the 4th Reich, but that is where it stopped. The Federal Bureau of Investigation took no action, you know, to investigate.

Whitehouse: Is it also true that, in that supplemental BI, the FBI took direction from the White House as to whom the FBI would question and even what questions the FBI would ask?

Wray: So, it is true that, consistent with the longstanding process that we have had going all the way back to at least the Bush administration, the Obama administration, the Trump administration, and continue to follow currently under the Biden administration, that in a limited supplemental BI, we take direction from the requesting entity, which in this case was the White House, as to what followup they want. That’s the direction we’ve followed. That’s the direction we’ve consistently followed throughout the decades, frankly. You asked specifically about “who” and “what”?

Whitehouse: Yeah. Is it true?

Wray: It is true as to the “who.” I’m not sure as I sit here whether it’s also true as to the “what questions,” but it is true as to the “who” we interviewed.

I never want to hear a peep out of anyone for any action that America must do to #UnstacktheSCOTUS. Nothing should be  off the table, including investigating him now and getting this information out in support of removing this stain from our government.

This outrage was criminal negligence and we now have a distinctly unqualified and vicious little man in a lifetime position ruling over all of us.

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4 Responses to And Now We Know

  1. w3ski4me says:

    Agreed totally. Now, are you going to do one on the other newly appointed member the handmaid? The one who never had judged a case but somehow had to be on the court. And the Rethugs used to bitch about activist judges until they stacked the court with their own activists.
    They need to be reminded they are a secular court and have no authority in religious matters.

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    • tengrain says:

      w3ski4me –

      I’ve been referring to Coathangers are the Supreme Paralegal.

      The thing is, no one did a massive cover-up of her past; she’s totally unqualified, too, but there wasn’t a criminal conspiracy to hide it. How amply be-chinned Mitch McConnell shamelessly rigged it was never hidden, not even for a moment.



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  2. Reblogged this on Scottie's Playtime and commented:

    Thank you Tengrian for again showing how corrupt the tRump administration / republicans were about getting their goal of stacking the court. What is worse, all the creditable ethics violations against Kavanaugh stopped once he was a SCOTUS justice, as there is no way to address them now. We have an illegitimate corrupt justice who publicly melted down and ranted that he hated and would work against democrats on the highest court of our country. Seems good for democracy, right? Hugs

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  3. laura says:

    Former president orange shite-bag absolutely knows every salacious detail of the shite-baggery of justice gang bang (as well as the I’d of those who offered tips), so my inner Nancy adrew deduces that orange shite-bag had/has/will expect the justice who owes him Billy will earn his keep. Prove Me Wrong.


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