History Repeats Itself in Indiana

Then-Governor Mike Pence signs Indiana’s We Don’t Serve Your Kind into law with the approving gaze of Indiana’s various mullahs, clerics, and militia tribesmen.

As you may recall, right before he became the VP to the 4th Reich, Mike Pence, proudly signed a We Don’t Serve Your Kind bill and promptly lost marquis basketball tournaments, assorted playoff games, and a few businesses decided to either move out of state or not expand their businesses in Indiana; Salesforce.Com being one of the most prominent. It wasn’t just that they lost prestige events, they became pariahs with businesses in OTHER states banning travel to Indiana. The convention business tanked.

Pence scrambled to save face and reverse the legislation, but the damage was done.

They never learn, do they?

Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb (R, did you really have to ask) signed the abortion-banning bill late Friday night after passage by the Republican state House and Senate.

Weird, it seems that in Indiana, theocrats subjugating The Skirts to second class status is not so popular with the big businesses. Who knew?

The drug maker Eli Lilly — which is based in Indianapolis, and employs more than 10,000 in the Hoosier State — said the law could hamper the state’s “ability to attract diverse scientific, engineering and business talent from around the world.”

“Given this new law, we will be forced to plan for more employment growth outside our home state,” the statement said.

Jon Mills, a spokesman for Cummins, an engine company that employs about 10,000 people in the state, said:

‘The right to make decisions regarding reproductive health ensures that women have the same opportunity as others to participate fully in our work force and that our work force is diverse. There are provisions in the bill that conflict with this, impact our people and impede our ability to attract and retain top talent.’”

You’d think someone in Indiana would have the institutional memory of a lowly blogger in Washington state and would have advised them what happens next.


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6 Responses to History Repeats Itself in Indiana

  1. You’d think someone in Indiana would have the institutional memory of a lowly blogger in Washington state and would have advised them what happens next.

    But, but, but, that was over serving the gays and transgenders, this is completely different!

    This is about stripping rights from [checks notes] half the population.

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  2. Bigtoe says:

    When corporations do things like this, it makes me want to buy their products if feasible.

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  3. w3ski4me says:

    Here’s to the coming women’s voter turnout in 2022, and 2024. I foresee that once mythical Blue Wave come to drown out all those dumb hicks. They riled up half of the population with disrespect and no good can come to them from that.


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