Report: Simple Solutions from Simpleton

“And my fifth point…”

If you can believe it, the dumbest man in the senate Ron Johnson has an idea:

Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wisc., indicated Tuesday that Medicare and Social Security should be subjected to annual budget deliberations, a move that could upend guaranteed benefits relied upon by millions of Americans.

Johnson, who is running for a third term in November in a race that could shape the balance of power in the Senate, made his comments during an interview on the Regular Joe Show, hosted by Joe Giganti.

Federal spending is in two baskets — discretionary spending which comes in annual appropriations in areas like defense and public works and mandatory spending that is generally governed by statute and includes entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare that provide guaranteed benefits.

It’s not exactly killing the social safety net, but pretty much does.

Johnson suggested that he seeks to turn everything in the federal budget into discretionary spending — including Social Security and Medicare — so programs can be evaluated and fixed.

“Fixed” seems like such a telling word choice (says ‘Grain crossing his legs). Yeah.

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7 Responses to Report: Simple Solutions from Simpleton

  1. Tony Prost says:

    says the man who doesn’t need Social Security or Medicare

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  2. w3ski4me says:

    What kind of cloud do Rethug seniors live in, that they don’t tar and feather this guy and his cohorts? I am an old, but I can see it’s not just my social security they want to kill, it’s all of social security. Why do Rethug seniors allow people like this to exist much less continue?
    I’d love to have some of what they take so that it doesn’t matter that the government takes away my worked-for income.

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    • Honestly, they don’t believe that he’ll do it to them, just those unworthy others who are parasites and moochers. Surely the leopards won’t eat their faces!

      Also: “I got mine, Jack! Fuck you!”

      These are the morons who railed against Obamacare screaming “Git yer gummint hands offa mah Medicare!” back in the teabagger days.

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  3. laura says:

    Come for My Earned Benefits after a lifetime of paying my share mothefucker. Multiply that by all of us and Ron Johnson’s gonna need ample durable medical goods.

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  4. mellowjohn says:

    We’ve always taken our rescue cats to be “fixed.”


  5. Hello. This is the wealthy mindset that the government must always serve the needs / wants of the upper income wealthy but must never work for the lower income poor / workers. That is because in the US the wealthy corporations / businesses must have a desperate work force willing to work for the lowest wages in whatever conditions the employer chooses to provide. We have seen how the red states demanded an end to the extra unemployment to force workers back to their in the face of Covid with no protection jobs, all with no medical coverage or paid sick time. The profit must flow. Social Security and Medicare / Medicaid interferes with that desire to keep the public so desperate they will take any job for any amount no matter how bad it is. Think of the seniors who could be forced back into the work force if they did not have even the small pittance of SS. Even though this doesn’t cost the wealthy a cent in taxes, it cuts down on the number of workers they can choose from and that costs them in wages. Force people to work or starve, embarrass them for having a store-bought coffee, but never mention the obscene profits of the wealthy or the excess they live their life in. But most of all never mention how the wealthy managed to shift the burden of funding the country from themselves, who could afford it with no lifestyle changes, to the lower incomes who cannot afford it without giving up their quality of life. We have to remember who Ron Johnson is. He married a wealthy woman whose daddy owned a plastic empire and set Ron his daughter’s husband up in a company that made something for his plastic empire. He only made it for the father-in-law, so they charged what they wanted and while the father-in-law is a billionaire Ron Johnson became a multimillionaire by nepotism having no skills or never owning a company before, never having worked in his life. Yet he wants to tell you that you don’t deserve social security or any deserve any luxuries in life that he enjoys. Hugs


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