Meanwhile, in Idaho…

Congrats to Possum Hollar!

Idaho law allows doctors to be criminally prosecuted for providing abortions. So the DOJ is suing.

US AG Merrick Garland says that it could (really Merrick, COULD?!) conflict with federal law that says patients seeking emergency medical care at a hospital accepting Medicare funds are entitled to any lifesaving treatment:

“We will use every tool at our disposal to ensure that pregnant women get the emergency medical treatment to which they are entitled to under federal law.”

Idaho governor Brad Little said the lawsuit an “overreach” and said he would “defend Idaho’s laws”—which involve forcing women to give birth against their own will—“in the face of federal meddling.”

What a guy.

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3 Responses to Meanwhile, in Idaho…

  1. Prairie Bob says:

    Gov. Brad Little Penis (R. “Overreacharound”) is so proud to be mean. “Defend Idaho laws” with guns?
    Plus, also, too, burning questions. Do cowboy hats really cause brain damage? Is daddy’s little deferment really married to Dog the Bounty Hunter ( Liz aka Beth)?
    Inquiring minds…

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  2. roket says:

    I suppose their hatemongering will now be focused on Medicare. One unintended consequence at a time.

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  3. ming says:

    North Texas only prettier.

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