Meanwhile, In Wisconsin…

“And my fifth point…”

It looks like the general election battle starts NOW for the dumbest man in the Senate, and human catfish (look at that mouth!) RoJo:

(CNN)Wisconsin state Treasurer Sarah Godlewski ended her US Senate campaign on Friday as the field in the Democratic primary consolidates around Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes.

Godlewski, who is endorsing Barnes in the contest to take on GOP Sen. Ron Johnson, is the third Democrat to drop out of the race this week as it became clear that the lieutenant governor was likely to win the August 9 primary. Both Milwaukee Bucks executive Alex Lasry and Outagamie County Executive Tom Nelson also ended their campaigns this week and endorsed Barnes.

“It’s clear that if we want to finally send Ron Johnson packing, we must all get behind Mandela Barnes and fight together,” Godlewski said in a statement. “I’m proud of what our 72-county campaign has accomplished, and while I may not be on the ballot this November, every issue we fought to bring front and center will be.”

RoJo, who looks like he might end up being a target in the Stupid Coup investigation (as he was planning on giving a slate of fake electors to Mike Pence) is not only an old White straight dud (see what I did there?) but he will be running against Mandela Barnes, who is a young, charismatic Black progressive, so the contest will be pretty clearly defined in a lot of categories.

This race against RoJo is one of Democrats’ best opportunities to pick up a Senate seat in November; John Fetterman is likely pick-up in Pennsylvania, and don’t be surprised if Tim Ryan gets Ohio and that would absolutely put Manchinema out of business.

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3 Responses to Meanwhile, In Wisconsin…

  1. M says:

    Harry Truman ran successfully against the Do-Nothing Congress so running against the Do-Nothing Republican Senators might have some legs.

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  2. w3ski4me says:

    Boy those Rethugs have some sticky glue as a party. Lockstep is too mild. Imagine actually voting for Ro-Jo? Jim Jone’s Kool-Aid has nothing on him.


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