Some Sunday Sounds

The Sunday Talkies are just Joe Manchin (the Full Ginsberg for Manchin, and I think I’m in hell), so instead we’re going to listen to some tunes. Hope everyone has a peaceful morning.

(Hat Tip: Scissorhead GRS)

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7 Responses to Some Sunday Sounds

  1. Jimmy T says:

    I never watch the Sunday talkies seems like a total waste of time. The cover for Tom’s Diner was fun though…

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    • tengrain says:

      I don’t either, Jimmy-T, but I watch the tweets. None of the usual suspects sends out their morning email thingies until the shows are over incase there is HOT GOS to breathlessly tell us.

      Slow day, in other words.



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      • Redhand says:

        My theory about Manchin’s change of heart has nothing to do with the merits of the legislation. I think he sensed that the Dems have a chance of making his defacto veto inoperative by gaining seats this Nov., which would totally negate his power. He would then be neutered completely and treated like the party traitor he is. Better to use his power now to remain relevant.


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      • tengrain says:

        That’s an interesting theory, Redhand. I couldn’t help but notice he shiv’ed the Dems while on the talkies, saying he would not back anyone in 2022 or 2024. But in fact, that might be doing the others a favor: can you imagine running for office and having to explain that you have Joe Manchin’s endorsement?

        Kiss of death.




  2. Boris says:

    Something tells me Joe was blackmailed into complaince by an unexpected source; it’s the only thing that makes sense of his all-in, shit-eating backing of something he’s been agin’ for the better part of his life.

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  3. New puppy chewed up my glasses so I’m stuck with my backup pair for the moment. New puppy is SO damned lucky she’s cute as hell.

    Hoping this is her One Great Act of Destruction (previous dogs have : eaten a pair of slippers I had since I was 17, the seats from our car, the kitchen floor linoleum.)

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  4. I recommend Roger Waters, The Powers That Be, that played over a litany of people killed all over the globe “for being black” but also, the quiet severity of “the bravery of being out of range”



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