The Quotable Justice Alito

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The Torquemada of Trenton, #IllegitimateSCOTUS Justice Sam Alito took his act on the road to Rome, 2-drink minimum:

During a surprise appearance as a keynote speaker at a religious freedom conference in Rome last week, sponsored by the University of Notre Dame, Alito poked fun at the torrent of international criticism of his opinion for the five-justice court majority.

“I had the honor this term of writing, I think, the only Supreme Court decision in the history of that institution that has been lambasted by a whole string of foreign leaders, who felt perfectly fine commenting on American law,” the appointee of President George W. Bush declared in his speech, according to a video posted online by the university on Thursday — one week after the address was delivered.

“One of these was former Prime Minister Boris Johnson, but he paid the price,” Alito joked, referring to the conservative British leader’s announcement earlier this month that he planned to step down. “Post hoc ergo propter hoc, right?” the justice added, drawing applause and laughter from the audience to a Latin phrase used to describe a fallacious argument.

And that is today’s object-lesson on Judicial Temperament: Always be a dick.

You can watch the petty little bitch’s full comedy set here, if you want to:

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10 Responses to The Quotable Justice Alito

  1. Is it also always be unintentionally ironic? The foundation of his existence is fallacious argument. I hope Eiron pulls a Fat Freddy’s Cat, and craps in his shoes.

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  2. Redhand says:

    “I had the honor this term of writing, I think, the only Supreme Court decision in the history of that institution that has been lambasted by a whole string of foreign leaders, has taken away a right constitutional right recognized for almost half a century by a prior decision of this the American Supreme Court.


    The arrogance of this thin-skinned shithead is breathtaking. Not only does he inappropriately intrude on U.S. foreign relations with this self-serving and pathetically needy outburst, displaying both his lack of judicial temperament and an emotional insecurity bordering on infantilism, but he also, to put it plainly, shows just what a goatse-caliber asshole he is.

    What a colossal embarrassment to America and to my home State of New Jersey this creature is.

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    • Redhand says:

      Sorry for the botched “Fixed” blockquote.

      It’s your place, tengrain, but I pray for a comment upgrade that will allow us to edit posts.

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      • tengrain says:

        Talk to WordPress. I would like it too.

        Also, I don’t see the botch on your blockquote.



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      • Redhand says:

        @tengrain There were some words that should have been pared down. Also, I tried to underline the text after the strikeout but failed.

        More critical is Alito’s bad manners. A U.S. Supreme Court Justice is insulting foreign leaders. Seriously? It does raise the question, “Just who the fuck does he think he is?” Just unbelievable.


  3. roket says:

    Sadly it will probably take at least 10 years before your decision is reversed and your name dragged through the mud where it belongs. But just think of the celebrations when it finally happens.

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  4. quakerenelbasement says:

    I don’t see how Samalito gets “religious liberty” out of “the state gets to decide what your rights are.”


  5. R White says:

    Alito’s on a roll with his tone-deaf statements as he also dickishly stated how “Americans are hostile to religion.” No, most of us don’t need fairy tales and myths from the Bronze Age in order to live rich, fulfilling lives.

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  6. Richard Portman says:

    I don’t understand him. Does he think he will live forever? He has power, but he uses it this way?
    I can guarantee you, in a mere 100 years he will be totally forgotten, just like most of us.
    What do they stand for? What do they believe? Why can’t they just not be such assholes?
    This question bothers me all the time. Especially when i see such a shallow self-important idiot causing damage that is hard to heal.


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