Disney Ducks: Hulu Will Have Political Ads

In interpretive Dance, Democrats Give Hulu the ol’ concho

H/T Scissorhead Skinny-D

That didn’t take long (It’s Axios, so all the usual disclaimer about emphasis and weird-o bullets applies):

Disney on Wednesday confirmed to Axios that it would allow political issue ads — in addition to candidate ads — on Hulu’s streaming service, effective immediately, bringing Hulu’s ad policies to parity with Disney’s cable networks.

Why it matters: The change comes amid a controversy over Hulu’s decision to reject political issue ads around guns and abortions from Democratic groups.

  • Those issues have become central to the Democrats’ midterm messaging, and Disney’s decision to reject the ads on Hulu prompted complaints of censorship.

It’s not the complaints of censorship that got ’em, it was the implied threat of regulations. The GOP complains about the same thing, usually aimed at Social Media. This is part of the problem of treating internet-based platforms (and cable, too) differently than linear teevee. Something is going to give sooner or later; the internet is the digital commons.

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