Hallmark Doesn’t Have This Card, Maybe They Should

At first I thought it was an Obvious Plant stunt, and then when I realized what it was, it took the wind from my sails.

So very powerful.

Please share this far and wide.

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9 Responses to Hallmark Doesn’t Have This Card, Maybe They Should

  1. ali redford says:

    That is excellent.

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  2. Jimmy T says:

    Wow, I’m taken back a few paces. Not exactly on point, but I think young lady sums it up in a very good way…

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  3. Reblogged this on Scottie's Playtime and commented:

    On mock paper scissors blog there is a video that hits hard. I really hope, I really do not want this to be the US future. As always go to the site and read the comments. Thanks, Hugs

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    • tengrain says:

      Thank you Scottie –

      I hope that your regulars take it far and wide, post it everywhere. That should be a campaign ad, if it isn’t already.



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  4. osirisopto says:

    This makes me want to cry.

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