Meanwhile, in North Carolina

Your rapist’s baby is a future Patriot, ladies!

We’ve said since the beginning of this blog:For the Christifa, The Right to Life Ends at Birth™. We enter into evidence

Got that? Murdering the woman to save the fetus from an abortion is OK.

(Hat tip: alert Scissorhead Jimmy-T)

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16 Responses to Meanwhile, in North Carolina

  1. MinuteMan says:

    A GQP freshened and domesticated version of “We had to destroy the town to save it.”.

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  2. Jimmy T says:

    My take on this is WT the actual F? So the state passes a law allowing someone to murder a pregnant woman who maybe considering an abortion? Only in late stage abortions (a rarity unless the woman’s life is endangered) would the fetus be viable. So some guy’s gonna shoot a pregnant woman probably resulting in the death of the fetus as well? Am I the only one who thinks this is the very definition of insanity?

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    • ali redford says:

      No, you are not. This is the same as it’s ever been whenever clinic doctors and personnel have been shot at the clinic sites. NC is now codifying the right to kill people in the name of saving pregnancies that likely won’t be viable after the host is shot.

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    • E.A. Blair says:

      The only ones who think it isn’t insane are the ones who wrote it.

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    • MDavis says:

      Some guy shooting his wife or girlfriend can say (if this thing passes) that he was just trying to stop the abortion she was threatening to get.
      She wasn’t pregnant?
      “Bitch lied to me, told me she was pregnant! Serves her right I shot her!”


  3. Mike B. says:

    This is insane if your goal is to save fetuses. If your goal is to control women, then it makes some sense. According the Partners in Health (PIH), a well-respected medical charity, “Evidence from around the world shows that criminalizing abortion never reduces abortions.” So the laws aren’t saving fetuses (or embryos for the more extreme laws), but they are harming women. Link to PIH statement:

    Also, what’s to prevent a man from claiming a pregnant woman was planning an abortion and killing her? She won’t be around to contradict him.

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  4. The goal of this is to be as outrageous as possible. Yes, these people are misogynistic imbeciles, but even they can’t really think this is a viable course. It, as is always the case, is to own the libs. Our tears are their life’s blood.

    Next, it’s scarlet “A’s”…

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  5. Redhand says:

    This is the most insane proposed “law” (a NC State constitutional amendment, no less) I have ever seen in my life. Presumably, if a woman decided to leave NC to get an abortion in a state where it is legal, a “good samaritan” could threaten to kill her, if not outright do so.

    I would say that this is unconstitutional on its face as a violation of the 14th Amendment to the federal constitution, It tries to legalize femicide. Then again, who knows how Alito would rule on it. But to me, it’s madness.

    If I were female, I would move the fuck out of North Carolina.

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  6. Professor Pupdog says:

    So may one murder a legislator if one thought he or she was going to have an abortion? What level of proof of the sincerity of that thought is required? If an autopsy reveals the woman was not pregnant, can the murderer get off just by saying “oops?”

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  7. So pro-life they’ll kill ya.

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  8. Buttermilk Sky says:

    One of these fuckhole states thinks you can “transplant” an ectopic pregnancy, so maybe the Tarheels plan to chop the zygote out of the “executed” host and stick it in some other incubator. Who the hell even knows anymore?

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  9. Pretzelogic in Philly, PA says:

    I am old enough to remember a couple weeks ago when Congressvarmint Debbie Lesko proudly proclaimed that, should need be, she would absolutely bravely shoot her grandchildren… to protect them.

    The prion disease surely must be peaking.


  10. pagan in repose says:

    This does seem to be the next variation of the “Stand your ground” law. That law was almost immediately used in the death of an unarmed child. And the perpetrator was found innocent of murder. Legalized murder of human beings is another proper description. It needs to be said loud and clear every time and all time.

    This also appears to be the Patriarchy trying to reassert the right to marry and own a woman.


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