Bad Signs, Cont.

HAWT!!! …but I’m only guessing.

(Hat tip: Scissorhead Purplehead)

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  1. This was at Shrub’s All Hat ‘n’ No Cattle ranch, reportedly.

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  2. Redhand says:

    Whenever I see something like this, I always wonder if it’s magnificent cluelessness or calculated double entendre — in this case, a quite obscene one.

    It also makes me think that the salient “feature” of humanity is an obsession with sex.

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    • purplehead says:

      …the salient “feature” of men is an obsession with sex.


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    • MDavis says:

      that obsession with sex – Jean Auel has a pretty good handle on that. I tend to think she has the right of it.
      In a nutshell, humans in neolithic times got to be top dog by outbreeding the competition. So… it’s an evolutionary trait that has become a liability.


  3. Stony Pillow says:

    I thought breeders generally paid to be milked.

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  4. Is this the date night for the Possum Hollar? Red state speed dating? Hugs

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  5. skinnydennis says:

    I dunno man, that drawing in the upper r/h corner shows a cow and a crab.
    Gotta be tough on the, uh… udders.

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