We’re Live Tweeting From the Hell Mouth!

The Stupid Coup, Part Infinity

“Calling Mike Pence…”

We’re live Tweeting from the Hellmouth!

Tonight’s testimony is focused on the 187 very quiet minutes on January 6 wherein Hair Füror did absolutely nothing while the capitol was sacked. The short-hand should be that this is a dereliction of duty.

This should be lit!

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9 Responses to We’re Live Tweeting From the Hell Mouth!

  1. RevZafod says:

    Killer testimony: Pence’s SS detail were saying goodbye to their families.

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  2. RevZafod says:

    2 hours in: Well, it’s now gone from dereliction of duty straight to treason.

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  3. RevZafod says:

    Yoo hoo! Merrick Garland, are you watching?

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  4. RevZafod says:

    His final statement shows that he’s properly named KinZINGER.

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  5. purplehead says:

    I wish Mz Cheney were not a Republican. Too bad.

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    • Hello purplehead. I think if she was from a different state or place, she would be a Democrat. Her opinions prior to these hearings and tRump were very much in line with her district and area. She was in lock step with the feelings of her area she represented. I just don’t think they are her genuine feelings. If she was in a left leaning district, she would be a democrat. She is like her father is, simply transactional, whatever gets them elected and what promotes their power for the generation of personal wealthy. Their goal is their personal wealth, until tRump. That changed everything. IMO Hugs


  6. Jimmy T says:

    I was totally wowed by tonights presentation. I’m expecting to see a few high level indictments being handed down most especially to TFG…

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  7. MDavis says:

    The J6 committee are still saying that things “got out of hand”. C’mon, it went even better than TFG hoped.
    Also, I thought there was already testimony that reinforcements had been countermanded by someone pretty high in the chain of command – high enough to make that non-interference stick.

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  8. 🎶Bravely Bold Sir Hawley, bravely ran away🎵

    What I want to see, from now to November, is footage every republican in Congress, quoting what they said on Jan 7, backed with their No vote on impeachment, intercut with radio of Pences detail freaking out.

    MAKE it clear that fucking trump had 43 collaborators in his coup attempt.

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