Area Stalker Strikes Again

Stable Jenius

Man, Lord Damp Nut is like the jilted boyfriend that keeps showing up demanding you take him back. Just ask Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos:

“If you don’t take me back,” Lord Damp Nut didn’t threaten, “you’ll never be popular again and no one else will take you to Prom!”

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4 Responses to Area Stalker Strikes Again

  1. w3ski4me says:

    Isn’t this a sign of insanity? Seriously. He is lost in his evil daydream. He even wants to run again which means he will have to drop the “I was cheated line” someday soon. If this outburst isn’t cause for an involuntary psychiatric hold (5150) then I don’t know what is. He really is lost in the wilderness.


  2. The AZ GQP defenestrated Rusty Bowers this week after his rendition of Meatloaf’s “I’ll do anything for Love Trump, but I won’t do that!”

    I remind you that House Majority Leader Bowers is the second most powerful AZ legislator after the president of the Senate Karen Fann.

    I can tell you from my sense on the ground here is that AZ women are approaching this election in a combination of Imperator Furiosa and later Terminator series Sarah Connor.

    IE no fucks and no quarter will be given.


  3. roket says:

    GA, you have a collect call from TFG. Will you accept the charges?


  4. Am I the only one who read that as “…and no one else will take you to pogrom!” ?


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