Chuck Schumer Secret Plan: Strategic Dumbassery

Will the Dims get rolled again?

Yesterday, the House passed a bill that would codify Marriage Equality, you know, anticipating another rogue civil-rights rollback from our #IllegitimateSCOTUS. Amazing: 47 Republican representatives crossed the aisle to join every House Democrat!

That means 157 Republicans went on record saying they were willing to let states take away the rights of gay couples.

If it somehow passes the Senate Filibuster Machine, the bill would do two things: 1) repeal the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act, and B) require states to recognize same-sex marriages if those marriages were valid in the state in which they took place.

The bill now heads to the Senate, where it may or may not come up for a vote. The stated reason is that the Senate’s calendar is very full, and time is running short, particularly given that the antiquated and useless Senators want to take a vacay, er, the upcoming recesses.

I suppose we all cynically know that this is another show vote to put Republicans on the spot (Surprise! Congress got some significant and unexpected bipartisan support!), but by NOT bringing it up to a vote, super-genius Chuck Schumer is not only letting Republicans off the hook, he’s putting the feckless Democratic Senators in danger of looking like they don’t care.

The House vote suggests that if the bill were brought up in the Senate, it would attract some Republican votes as well. And IF it could get 10 Republicans to bypass the filibuster it would be sent to President Biden for his signature.

This could be a YUGE win for Democrats and might restore some luster to the brand, but instead it is getting pocket-vetoed by Schumer?

I do not understand Schumer’s thinking here at all, he is exposing himself and his caucus to activist and media ridicule for doing nothing, and discouraging the Yutes from voting.

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2 Responses to Chuck Schumer Secret Plan: Strategic Dumbassery

  1. roket says:

    That’s all we need. A 3rd party that splits the Democrats instead of the republicans.

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  2. Justjoe says:

    You haven’t noticed yet?
    It’s collusion.
    It’s everywhere these days.


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