This Week’s Coming Attractions

The Stupid Coup, part infinity

“Calling Mike Pence…”

Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!) morning email thingie breathlessly presents the TeeVee Guide program for the next hearing (emphasis theirs):

The Jan. 6 committee’s primetime (possible) finale: The panel will hold its eighth hearing Thursday night, using an 8 p.m. slot to explore what Trump did during the 187 minutes before he told his supporters rioting at the Capitol to go home.

We know, anecdotally that Hair Füror gleefully watched the riots exclaiming that the great unwashed of Possum Hollar was fighting for him! And wondering why no one else was glad for it. But it should be interesting to see this confirmed and on the record.

Will this actually be the committee’s final hearing? Our colleague Nicholas Wu writes in:

In other words, will there be a second season. But I digest…

“Committee members have stressed [this is] the conclusion of just ‘this series’ of presentations. … Members of the panel have stillreserved the right to hold more hearings,especially as new witnesses come forward, and committee members have talked about holding even more hearings to tee up their final report in the fall. They’re still investigating as they stage the hearings — this Tuesday, they’re expecting a tranche of information from the Secret Service on the agency’s missing text messages after the select panel subpoenaed the Secret Service last Friday. …

“The tricky part for the committee is going to be how to balance the drafting of their report with the intake of new information. Expect them to keep on working and flexing their investigative muscles, even during the normally-quiet August recess. Thursday certainly won’t be the last we’ll hear from the Jan. 6 committee.”

Will there be a spin-off series? A Better Call Saul to the original Breaking Bad, as it were?

— Related read:Josh Gerstein and Kyle Cheney take a look at how a possible criminal probe of Trump by the Department of Justice could complicate the many other cases it’s pursuing connected to January 6, because “defense attorneys for hundreds of defendants could demand access to much of the evidence against Trump as part of the discovery process. … One potential concern, especially given the large number of Jan. 6 cases: Details of a Trump-focused probe could be leaked by defense attorneys or even defendants themselves.”

The timeline: “Even if investigations into Trump and his inner circle are expanded — a slew of grand jury subpoenas and search warrants in recent weeks suggest prosecutors are circling his allies — the momentous decision about whether to charge Trump with a crime is months away, if not longer.

That’s the cliffhanger, right there.

Meanwhile, Axios has their breathless, oddly formatted version complete with enigmatic bullet points:

The House Jan. 6 committee’s prime-time hearing later this week will include none-too-subtle signals to the Justice Department about possible illegal activity by President Trump, I’m told by congressional sources.

I’m firmly of the opinion that this show was designed for an audience of two: AG Merrick Garland, and the twice-impeached LOSER ex-prznint Stupid in the all-important ratings hub of Merde-a-Lardo, thinking correctly that he will react and make some unforced errors. But I digest again.

  • Why it matters: The committee is continuing its laser focus on Trump and anything he may have done to encourage or prolong the attack on the Capitol. It has assembled a mountain of transcripts and other evidence that could be used in federal prosecutions.

I’m still amused that Axios continue to insert Why It Matters into these nuggets. I guess they think we’re stupid? Still digesting

Hearing 8 — Thursday at 8 p.m. ET, and possibly the summer finale — is aimed at showing Trump was derelict in his duty as commander-in-chief by not calling off the mob during the attack, and even fanning the flames.

  • Committee members previewed the theme on Sunday shows.

The big picture: The Justice Department recently expanded its investigation into the Jan. 6 attack, targeting some of Trump’s allies in Washington and around the country, AP reports.

  • But prosecutors haven’t indicated whether they’ll bring a case against Trump.

What we’re hearing: Look for the committee to continue its strategy of detailing events through the testimony of people who are or were Trump allies.

👀 What we’re watching: This is the committee’s last scheduled hearing. A final report is planned for this fall. But committee members say evidence continues to come in, and say future hearings are possible.

You bet!

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    I guess they think we’re stupid?

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