Senate Candidate Eric Greitens Ordered To Testify In Wife and Child Abuse Case

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Noted dungeon master and wife-abusing sex fiend Eric Greitens, the would-be senator from Possum Hollar er Missouri, has been ordered to testify in his custody case for his child (whom he also [ALLEGEDLY] beat):

Former Gov. Eric Greitens will give testimony next week for the first time about allegations of spousal and child abuse made by his ex-wife in a child custody case.

During a brief hearing Friday morning, Associate Circuit Judge Leslie Schneider ordered both Eric Greitens and his ex-wife, Sheena Greitens, to appear for depositions in a closed courtroom. Whether a transcript of their testimony will become public is uncertain.

At times in the hearing, Schneider said she was frustrated because it has been eight months since Sheena Greitens filed a request to move the case to Texas and four months since Sheena Greitens filed an affidavit detailing her abuse charges.

As you may recall, Greitens was forced to resign as the Governor of Possum Hollar, er, Missouri when his mistress complained that he tied her up, photographed her, and then blackmailed her. His wife detailed years of physical abuse, too, for both herself and their kid.

“I understand that Mr. Greitens does not want to give a deposition prior to the primary,” [Sheena Greitens’ attorney Helen Wade] said. “I understand, but we want this case to be over with.”

Eric Greitens has got Republican Star material all over him, and is a shoe-in to be the Republican Father of the Year.

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5 Responses to Senate Candidate Eric Greitens Ordered To Testify In Wife and Child Abuse Case

  1. roket says:

    Do we know if he beat his wife whilst she was pregnant because that’s extra points for a republican?

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  2. Big Man Eric can only be runner up while Lord Damp Nut is still incorporated.

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  3. osirisopto says:

    So who will be TFG’s running mate er bag man, Vance the guy who can’t make a profit, or Greitens who knows how to treat a woman?

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  4. Jimmy T says:

    These are the same guys, err men, who don’t believe that a woman has rights. She only has the right to be mistreated by her man…


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