Meanwhile in Pennsylvania/New Jersey

The difference between the Wizard of Oz and Dr. Oz seems to be that the Wizard admitted he was a fraud from out of the area. Anyway, get a load this latest update on the carpetbagger of New Jersey:

Dr. Oz and his sisters are embroiled in a multi-million-dollar inheritance battle in the US and Turkey

New court papers in Manhattan reveal that TV personality-turned Pennsylvania GOP congressional candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz is embroiled in an intensifying inheritance battle in the US and Turkey — complete with accusations of a forged will and millions of dollars looted from an Istanbul bank account.

I swear this is a plot line from the old Dynasty teevee show.

On one side of the battle is Nazlim Oz, who lives in Istanbul but is suing her brother in New York Supreme Court in Manhattan.

She said in her ongoing 2020 lawsuit that for more than three years, the former “Dr. Oz Show” host has failed to pay her $15,000 a month.

She alleged that the money is her share of the rental income from a pair of three-bedroom, Upper East Side condos once owned by their father Mustafa, a wealthy Turkish surgeon and investor.

Who amongst us has not had that kind of squabble?

[Dr. Oz and a second sister, Seval Oz, of California] said in their own court papers that Nazlim is the real thief and allege Nazlim began looting their father’s bank accounts in late 2018 — as he lay dying in an Istanbul hospital.

“I’m pulling the car over right now, stop fighting!”

Dr. Oz, his California sister and their widowed mother, Suna, are now of one mind in believing that Nazlim forged the father’s signature, and has secreted millions of dollars away in Holland, India, and the Cayman Islands, they said in court papers.

As one does, in Pennsyltucky-New Jersey.

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  1. w3ski4me says:

    Ah, more problems of the rich and overly famous. Yawn.
    Wake me when they go for open gladiatorial combat


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