JD Vance Can’t Buy Love

JD Vance, authentic Hedgefund Hillbilly from Yale (Allegedly)

JD Vance, the hedgefunder hillbilly effigy with authenticity problems, is also having financial problems for his US Senate Campaign:

The J.D. Vance campaign is broke.

That’s the key takeaway from Federal Election Commission filings this week, which show that between mid-April and the end of June, the Vance team raised a million dollars, spent more than that, and is a quarter of a million dollars in the hole with just four months until election day.

Over the first three months of the year, the campaign directly raised $38,000 in total and got so close to bottoming out its cash reserves that in late March Vance personally floated himself a $600,000 bridge loan.

Fortunes turned with Trump’s endorsement in April, and Vance caught a windfall heading into the May 3 primary, but he hasn’t seemed able to translate the win into financial support. Eight weeks later, the campaign was in the red, reporting about $628,000 in the bank and $883,000 in debt—a deficit of more than $250,000.

The Vance campaign declined to comment.

But we will: the fraud candidacy, funded initially by libertarian crackpot billionaire Peter Thiel, has never been a viable operation. Keeping this bloated fraud afloat is a project of the same people who want to take-away your social safety net. There’s no grassroots there.

Now compare and contrast that financial news with what his Democratic opponent:

His Democratic opponent, Rep. Tim Ryan, raised $9.1 million over the same period. The Ryan campaign told NBC News that in that time it added nearly 90,000 new donors and that most of the donations were in amounts of $100 or less.

We’re NOT saying that Tim Ryan has this in the bag, we’re just saying that JD Vance has no authenticity and cannot even buy any love from Ohioans.

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  1. roket says:

    I bet he could write a book.

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  2. If he’s that strapped for cash, I’m sure he can always start an OnlyFans.


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