Some Fries With Your Stupid?

When it’s too early for this much stupid.

Reason 3,417 that Sen. Raphael Warnock is the luckiest politician alive: would-be Republican senator from Georgia Herschel Walker, ladies and gents, explains, uh, weather?/science?/The Green New Deal? to us:

I’m going to help you with that real quickly… We, in America, have some of the cleanest air and cleanest water of anywhere in the world. So what we do is, we gonna put, from the Green New Deal, millions and billions of dollars cleaning our good air up.

Since we don’t control the air our good air decided to float over to China’s bad air so when China gets our good air, their bad air got to move. So it moves over to our good air space. Then now we got we to clean that back up.

Well, duh.

Any questions?

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18 Responses to Some Fries With Your Stupid?

  1. Jimmy T says:

    You know taking a few deep breaths before uttering such nonsense might be helpful. But in Mr. Walker’s case, what I really mean how is this man still alive? Obviously he’s been brain dead for some time. Oh a long ago football injury you may ask? Repeatedly hit on the noggin I guess…

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  2. Sanjuro58 says:

    Rethugs have no shame for putting a man who is mentally unsound up for office in any capacity.

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  3. beckymaenot says:

    Huh. Well, ok then. The really sad part is that the republicans here in GA will vote for this idiot asshole in droves because, well, he is their idiot asshole. Tho- because racists gotta racist- this idiot asshole may not get as many votes as a white idiot asshole republican might. I think maybe Madge3names missed her chance to get to the Senate.

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  4. While reading this, a vision of LDN came to me, wearing a red clown suit with yellow polka dots, holding a sign say[ng, “You must be this damaged to run as a Republican.”

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  5. Oneofthebobs says:

    Maybe we should just stop sending our air to China and close our borders to keep the Chinese air out.

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  6. E.A. Blair says:

    What else can you expect from a country where the football field is the standard of measurement?

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  7. laura says:

    Jumping in to point out how Senator Warnock is an excellent Senator full stop. I fervently wish and hope he has a long legacy of service to Georgians and all other Americans.
    I can only echo the prior sentiments about a Republican party so bereft of decency and ideals that they would hand select a candidate so incapable of independence of thought that they would use so nakedly and shamelessly to both advance the cause of White Christian Nationalist shite-baggery while simultaneously inflicting personal harm to Walker and racist shite-baggery on Black Americans.
    I call bullshit.

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    • beckymaenot says:

      Hey Laura-I totally agree- Warnock really is a good Senator. He’s an actual public servant who cares about his constituents. It’s a rare thing in GA. Next up- Stacey Abrams. I can’t wait to call her Gov. Abrams.


  8. roket says:


    From the wiki:

    “Walker claimed he graduated from high school as the valedictorian, but there is no evidence for this claim. He later walked back this statement.[14]

    In December 2021, Walker’s campaign deleted a false claim that he had graduated from the University of Georgia several hours after it was posted on a campaign website and after The Atlanta Journal-Constitution inquired about the claim.[15] In April 2022, reporting revealed that Walker had been falsely claiming he had graduated from the University of Georgia “in top 1% of his class” in motivational speeches as early as 2017.[14]”

    Definitely republican material

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  9. R White says:

    CTE’s one helluva disease that often gets ignored b/c of our uncanny worship of athletes. If he were to win, Hershel would fit right in with blackburn, johnson, tuberville and many other morally bankrupt republicans there in the antiquated and irrelevant senate.

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