Eiron, The Goddess of Irony Laughed So Hard She Farted

Sweet, sweet relief



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  1. Laura Ingraham’s been dipping into the krocodil, because this is what she posted to advertise her interview with Nigel “frogmouth” Farage tonight:


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  2. MDavis says:

    I thought they liked Boris.

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  4. ebonkrieg says:

    US are at the end of the line…
    US media’s only function is to promote the oligarchy.

    The most fundamental, irritating thing about the world today is that we know what to do to fix most of our problems (do not vote republican), we just refuse because we have corrupt, psychotic, decrepit and incompetent leadership in both parties and the sheep-like populations (who listen to FOX news) who support them. We roar towards the abyss, staring in horror, refusing to simply turn the wheel. It’s amazing to see, a true lesson in how pathological human societies can be. 
    Why people do what they do is the big question, and you can’t understand the world if you can’t account for the actions of the misbegotten and the few. Actions follow beliefs and interests (of which class is only one, and often not determinate.)
    Our society is broken. Virtually everyone in a leadership position or in any way involved with US media, or who has great wealth (same thing) needs to be removed from: power, their job, and have their money taken away beyond a standard middle class standard, and be forbidden from ever running anything ever again.

    Our population needs to stop accepting psychopathic and incompetent leadership (from both parties) and learn that the only leaders worth having are those who actually put the people’s welfare first.
    If we do not do these things, climate change and the problems which will come downstream from it are going to make the pandemic look like a picnic that was upset because there were too many ants.
    This is where and who we are.
    Where we go from here depends upon you.
    Fuck US…


  5. MDavis says:

    Both parties?
    I’ve been reading some about both parties, just this morning.
    Fascists are marching in the streets, they are majority in the SCOTUS, they are proudly running for office on lies, they are taking over state houses and voting on new laws so that they can ignore citizen votes and just pick the candidates they want. Fascists proudly staged an insurrection (allegedly) on Jan 6, 2021, and new indictments are coming in every week. Some of those indictments are for people closely associated with our latest Republican administration.
    I also read about indictments in different administrations. Going back, I don’t remember the end of the chain to look up history, but here’s a link to a chart, with a handy comment thread attached.
    (no Biden on this list, but he hasn’t added any since, either)
    And trump era violations are still adding to the indictments for that administration. Even if you calculate by number of years in office for each party, Republicans still pull out WAY ahead.
    All this while the majority of the “news” media writes fawning stories about how our American nazis care about their kids and pets and the only attention paid by them to citizens of the more liberal bent is to publish stories about Portland in chaos and claiming it’s all the Antifa all over everything there.
    There have been several bills put out by the “you’re corrupt, too” party, supporting grass roots changes, supporting climate change mitigation, prohibiting gouging by gas companies… Who shot those bills down? Was it both sides? NO… It was Mitch’s senate.
    Both sides my fat ass…


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