Another Stealth Goat Enters 2024 Goat Rodeo

Mother and a Patriot, Liz Cheney dips toe in water.

Guys, the inevitable non-denial from the most important former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs in our nation’s history, maybe ever and ousted 3rd-ranking GOP member of the House for Republican apostasy, mother and patriot Rep. Liz Cheney (R Blam-Blam):

“I haven’t made a decision about [running for president in 2024] yet. And I’m obviously very focused on my reelection, I’m very focused on the Jan. 6 committee, I’m very focused on my obligations to do the job that I have now, and I’ll make a decision about ’24 down the road. But I think about it less in terms of a decision about running for office and more in terms of, you know, as an American and as somebody who’s in a position of public trust now, how do I make sure that I’m doing everything I can to do the right thing? To do what I know is right for the country and to protect our Constitution.”

In spite of her good works on the Jan. 6 Committee, never, ever forget that Liz Cheney is a Cheney first, a Republican second, and a mother and patriot third. She has a nearly perfect Republican voting record and has voted against every Democratic bill this Congress.

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8 Responses to Another Stealth Goat Enters 2024 Goat Rodeo

  1. Martin Pollard says:

    And FWIW, that’s not a picture of Lizzie, it’s a rare photo of a shark stepping on a Lego brick.

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  2. Jimmy T says:

    I don’t like her politics at all, but I would encourage her to run because she might be the perfect foil candidate as well as being a fierce defender of democracy. It would be interesting to see how the saner Republicans would treat her, as we already know how the Trumpanzees will. But maybe a determined Liz Cheney with a well organized campaign could split the GQP vote in a significant way. That would be my hopeful position…

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  3. Stony Pillow says:

    Nope, but 2028 for sure. She’ll be 63 on election day, perfect age. She can’t even campaign in her own district this year for fear of getting physically attacked or shot. The GOP is going to need more than 18 months to suppress the MAGAts, or at least get them to put down their guns.

    Cheney’s act is really brilliant. Her Republican lifeboat is two city blocks long and has been christened “Absolution of the Seas”. If even one Democrat were to mention the obvious — that this doesn’t allow anyone to avoid responsibility for four years of wreckage, and refusing to go along with a coup doesn’t qualify you for a Profile in Courage — she can threaten to quit, and there you are. So the Democrats play along, their naughty bits clamped tightly in a vise held by Li’l Miss Blam Blam.

    Be nice if there were somebody from, say, another political party, who didn’t have the obligation to hold their tongue in fear.

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    • tengrain says:

      Yeah, she’s inherited Daddy’s machinations.

      As we’ve said here many, many times: never bet against Darth’s little Squirt.



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  4. Regardless of differing opinions, she’s a damn good person who’s proving that every day.
    Light-years beyond merely refusing to go along, Cheney’s out there losing it all to do the right thing for the country. She’s putting country first.

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    • I do hope you’re correct, and I deeply wish I could agree, but I believe she’s doing her best to save her party from being decimated by that which has been relegated to living under rocks for the last 40 years. Now that they’re out in the open and we can see what the party really is (and always has been), damage control is necessary. It is vitally important that the unwashed rubes be pushed back under the rocks where they belong. Rest assured that the attacks on the environment, women, minorities, immigrants, et al. will continue unabated, as will the Cheney’s special talent, profiteering If the democratic process is perceived as being saved, that is a temporary and unintended by-product.


    • Martin Pollard says:

      I disagree wholeheartedly about the “damn good person” bit. We’ve already seen by her prior actions and voting record that she’s nowhere close to being a “good person.” She’s doing this in some twisted attempt to save her party from decimation after being caught in an open coup; she’d much prefer the coup be quiet and behind the scenes. Don’t for one second fall for the fiction that she’s a “good person.”


  5. gruaud says:

    Hey Dr. Frankenstein, defeat the monsters you created, so we can defeat you.

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