Ginni Thomas: The Rude Guest

The Stupid Coup, Part Infinity

Coup plotters: Justice Ginni and Mr. Thomas
H/T Scissorhead Jimmy-T

It feels it was only a few short weeks ago that the world learned that Justice Ginni Thomas was jowls deep into the Stupid Coup and she could not wait to testify, you know,  to clear up misconceptions.

Now, not so much:

WASHINGTON — An attorney representing Virginia “Ginni” Thomas, a conservative activist and the wife of Supreme Court JusticeClarence Thomas, is pushing back against a request from the House Jan. 6 committee for her testimony.

In an eight-page letter to the committee, obtained Wednesday by NBC News, Ginni Thomas’ lawyer, Mark R. Paoletta, argued that he has not seen any reason for her to testify and asked the panel to provide a “better justification” for his client’s testimony.

“Mrs. Thomas is eager to clear her name and is willing to appear before the Committee to do so,” he wrote in the letter, dated Tuesday. “However, based on my understanding of the communications that spurred the Committee’s request, I do not understand the need to speak with Mrs. Thomas. Before I can recommend that she meet with you, I am asking the Committee to provide a better justification for why Mrs. Thomas’s testimony is relevant to the Committee’s legislative purpose.”

Which sounds like a one-way ticket to Contempt of Congress Island with her pals Bannon and Navarro to me. I love this new gambit of asking the Committee, what have you got on me? before they will appear.

It’s like the rude guest who wants to know who else will be at the dinner party before accepting the invite.

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3 Responses to Ginni Thomas: The Rude Guest

  1. It’s like the rude guest co-conspirator who wants to know who else will be at the dinner party what her other co-conspirators said before accepting the invite so they can keep their lies straight.

    FTFY. This would be the ‘rude guest’ who wants to make sure her pals are invited to the dinner party so they can case your house and rob you later.

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  2. roket says:

    Now that reality has slapped her in the face she will now clear up any misconceptions by pleading the 5th. Thus creating even more misconceptions. Keep digging Justice Ginni, you’re almost there.

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