‘Oops,’ Said Faceberg (Part Infinity)

“I’ll be back”

Meta (nee Facebook) is not going to help you, ladies:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Facebook and Instagram have begun promptly removing posts that offer abortion pills to women who may not be able to access them following a Supreme Court decision that stripped away constitutional protections for the procedure…

Memes and status updates explaining how women could legally obtain abortion pills in the mail exploded across social platforms. Some even offered to mail the prescriptions to women living in states that now ban the procedure.

Almost immediately, Facebook and Instagram began removing some of these posts, just as millions across the U.S. were searching for clarity around abortion access. General mentions of abortion pills, as well as posts mentioning specific versions such as mifepristone and misoprostol, suddenly spiked Friday morning across Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and TV broadcasts, according to an analysis by the media intelligence firm Zignal Labs.


“DM me if you want to order abortion pills, but want them sent to my address instead of yours,” the post on Instagram read.

Instagram took it down within moments. Vice Media first reported on Monday that Meta, the parent of both Facebook and Instagram, was taking down posts about abortion pills.

On Monday, an AP reporter tested how the company would respond to a similar post on Facebook, writing: “If you send me your address, I will mail you abortion pills.”

The post was removed within one minute.

The Facebook account was immediately put on a “warning” status for the post, which Facebook said violated its standards on “guns, animals and other regulated goods.”

Yet, when the AP reporter made the same exact post but swapped out the words “abortion pills” for “a gun,” the post remained untouched. A post with the same exact offer to mail “weed” was also left up and not considered a violation.

You can legally buy abortion pills through the mail after an online consultation from prescribers who have undergone certification and training. What Meta is doing is not because of some arcane legal argument. It’s because they are evil AF.


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7 Responses to ‘Oops,’ Said Faceberg (Part Infinity)

  1. skinnydennis says:

    I just made a meme on Facebook about taking them down posts about mailing abortion pills. 8:13am PDT. Let’s see how long it lasts.

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    • skinnydennis says:

      Oopsie. Shouldn’t write posts before the caffeine sinks in. I proofread that about three times before committing.


  2. Mike B. says:

    It’s better not to do this on Facebook anyway, because they would probably turn over all their information to the cops. Here’s some advice on doing this and not getting arrested if the state thinks it’s illegal: https://ovarit.com/o/WomensLiberation/111524/what-to-do-if-you-live-in-a-restricted-state. There’s a link at the top to a website where you can get the pills. By the way, SMA I think means self-induced medical abortion or something like that. (I got this from a link at angrybearblog.com in a post written by infidel753.blogspot.com).

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  3. roket says:

    Coincidentally, FB is also the perfect tool for ratting on your neighbor in a fascist society.

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  4. quakerenelbasement says:

    Eh, I don’t know.

    Suppose FB lets theses posts stand and some scammer uses them to take peoples’ money, distribute fake medicine, or even out people to local authorities? We’d rightly scream about FB’s lack of standards then, yeah?

    I understand the motive, but this seems like a bad way to get things done.

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  5. fry1laurie says:

    Viagra, though, is still A-OK.


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