GREAT Signs, Cont.

H/T Scissorhead DCap

The MPS Editorial Board has ruled this counts as a sign.

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7 Responses to GREAT Signs, Cont.

  1. Oneofthebobs says:

    I hope we’re getting to the part where all of the ketchup comes out at once. We’ve been waiting long enough.

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  2. muttpupdad says:

    May this sign last longer than his freedom.

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  3. Little Davey says:

    Will comment when I have time and can ketchup.
    Put the squeeze on Lord Damp Nut?
    Oh, I see, this is a reference to the ketchup on the wall story. A sign that the writing is on the wall?
    I hope it doesn’t RUN in 2024
    You can rearrange the letters to spell “phock u limp”

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  4. Stony Pillow says:

    Primary spring is ending. And so Republican thoughts turn to the general election.

    No lifeboats. Especially not the SS Cheney. The rats all go down with the good ship Trump this time. Every last one of them.

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  5. MinuteMan says:

    But would an originalist doing say about this? Did they even have ketchup in the original days?

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