Calling Insurrectionists (The Stupid Coup, Part Infinity)

It’s for you.

Guys, I just saw that insurrectionist-enthusiast attorney John Eastman has dropped his fight to prevent his phone records from being turned over to the Jan. 6 Committee. Note that it is only records, not content.

As you may recall last week both Eastman and would-be Acting Attorney General for the 4th Reich Jeff Clark had their devices seized in surprise raids on the same day. Clearly there is a criminal investigation, which means that the FBI convinced a federal judge that there is probable cause of a crime. That also implies that a grand jury is involved, and that implies that AG Merrick Garland gave personal approval.

Lawyer-up, boys. You are in YUGE trouble, bigly.

Anyway, that’s me twigging through this. It seems significant that the DOJ is actually moving onto a bigger fish and one in direct contact with The Big Tuna hisself.

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6 Responses to Calling Insurrectionists (The Stupid Coup, Part Infinity)

  1. Stony Pillow says:

    The 1/6 Commission is driving the paddy-wagon here. I have yet to be convinced Garland is doing more than the minimum necessary to keep up the pretense he is doing anything about the insurrection.

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    • tengrain says:

      I’m generally with you on that Stony, but every now and then something plops into the media that makes me look up the process, and this looks like some action from the DOJ.

      Whether it leads anywhere is another matter.



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      • My periodic reminder that AG Merrick was in charge of the Oklahoma Bombing investigation, at the time the deadliest single act of terrorism in the United States, and not a word leaked throughout the entire investigation.

        The DOJ moves from the small fish to the big tunas, and they had to go through a huge number of small fish, but they’re now clearly targeting the people who planned the J6 coup attempt, starting with the foot soldiers on the ground (Proud Boys and OathKeeprs ) and now, clearly, to the “Fake Electors” schemers.

        That’s two different conspiracies to bring together in a RICO case for the big tunas.

        The testimony yesterday definitely brings those two plots together.

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  2. The Jan 6 Commission is just making it impossible (for both citizens and justice system) to look away in light of the facts and making criminal referals. Shaking Eastman down for his phone is not exactly under the scope of the Jan 6 Commission’s abilities, that’s a whole other dept. -and that’s mighty encouraging.
    Lift a glass, things IS/ARE happening. 🎉

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  3. ali redford says:

    I am positively giddy about this. I know this could be a one-off, but still, as Tengrain says. Things are truly moving along.

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