Welcome To The Not OK Corral

We’re going to start our morning with a quote from amply be-chinned Mitch McConnell, and you tell us what legislation he is referencing:

“We’ve lost ground in suburban areas. We pretty much own rural and small-town America. And I think this is a sensible solution to the problem before us, which is school safety and mental health,” McConnell said on Thursday night. “I hope it will be viewed favorably by voters in the suburbs that we need to regain in order to hopefully be in the majority next year.”

It’s the alleged gun bill that oddly does nothing to stop dangerous guns. You see, per Mitch, it was all 2022/2024 political calculus.

CBS says it is the most significant gun-control legislation in decades, CNN describes the bill as major federal gun safety legislation, NBC says it a landmark, and Tiger Beat on the Potomac says that the Senate had managed to defy the odds. I totally get it that when you’re in a desert, you see mirages, because there is nothing here.

By making this nothing bill into a BIG DEAL, it suggests that enough progress has been made for now, and we don’t need to revisit this for another 30 years. Please note that the last substantive legislation on this subject was signed in the Bill Clinton years, back when Sen. DiFi was a positive force (and still had her marbles).

At best this so-called gun bill MIGHT BE a mental health bill, and I won’t dispute any movement on the boyfriend loophole is a good thing but this does absolutely nothing about guns violence.

This is not even a bandaid, but it is some weird kind of camouflage (and I use that word deliberately) for Republicans.

It makes Democrats look weak and worthless (we caved!) and makes Republicans look like they are not running a blockade. “See, we’re being reasonable.”

I absolutely refuse to call this a gun violence bill.

We had some other news on guns, too. The illegitimate John Roberts SCOTUS struck down a New York gun-control law that made it difficult to get a concealed-carry permit. Is it too soon to call the SCOTUS a death squad?

Previously, New Yorkers had to prove they had proper cause to carry a handgun in public.

The ruling basically creates a new right to concealed carry, which means nearly all law-abiding Americans can carry concealed and loaded handguns in public places, as other proper cause laws in other states (Hi California, Maryland, and New Jersey) will fall in turn. And this right on the heels of giving Justice Kegs security that the rest of us will not be afforded.

Justice Ginni, er, Clarence Thomas —noted insurrectionist— wrote in the Court’s opinion that New York law violated the Second Amendment, which “protects an individual’s right to carry a handgun for self-defense outside the home,” which is odd when you think about it: there were no handguns when the Constitution was written, but whatevs!

In his dissent Justice Stephen Breyer pointed out that Thomas’s entire basis was that it doesn’t have any precedent prior to the early 19th century. It’s not quite up there with Alito’s finding a notable witch-burner’s legal opinion for justification, but it might as well.

But one guy is really happy about it:

The breaking sound you hear is young people’s enthusiasm for voting shattering.

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5 Responses to Welcome To The Not OK Corral

  1. there were no handguns when the Constitution was written, but whatevs!

    [Dead Alexander Hamilton has entered the chat]

    it doesn’t have any precedent prior to the early 19th century.

    So apparently the ONLY PART of American history that counts for Thomas is the 11 years between 1789 and 1800.

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  2. R White says:

    Of course the worthless beltway media calls such toothless legislation landmark and most significant. They only consider any legislation legitimate as long as morally bankrupt republicans support it while foolish dims meekly accept such.

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  3. E.A. Blair says:

    The first handguns were made ca. 1570, when the word pistol was first recorded in the English language, per the O.E.D.


  4. revzafod says:

    The Supremes’ Greatest Hits, all in one week.
    No abortions.
    Guns everywhere.
    No separation of church and state.

    And by Hits, I mean as in “hit men” [and one woman].


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