Meanwhile, in Montana

Montana Gov. Gianforte in a previously  not-flooded part of state

Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte was in Italy —la dolce vita— as Yellowstone floated away, but not to worry, he’s back now:

Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte (R) was vacationing in Italy when historic flooding overwhelmed the state this week and caused Yellowstone National Park to close, his office confirmed Friday…

“The governor departed early Saturday morning to Italy with his wife for a long-planned personal, private trip,” his office said in a statement Friday after Gianforte had returned. “When severe flooding struck, the governor delegated his authority to respond to the disaster to Lt. Gov. Kristen Juras with whom he worked closely over the last four days to take swift, decisive action.”

“A little well-deserved R&R from his usually hectic schedule of body-slamming reporters,” his office did not add.

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3 Responses to Meanwhile, in Montana

  1. roket says:

    Not to worry. MT was in his thoughts and prayers while he was away.

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  2. Burr Deming says:

    I do recall those halcyon days of long ago when that sort of absence during a serious weather emergency would transform an elected official into a former elected official.

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  3. He’s more than wealthy enough to have chartered an immediate flight home, or bought the next commercial flight out. He could have probably even negotiated a deal with whatever airline he’s with to just let him change his departure...”Hey, I need to get back ASAP, and I’m sure your company wouldn’t really like the bad publicity of stories like ‘Airline charges Governor thousands of dollars to change plans while thousands are displaced by flooding’, would they?”

    Instead they have a time-stamped photo of him and his wife enjoying a nice dinner almost literally at the time his lying liar spokesperson said he was ‘returning asap’ from wherever he had mysteriously been.

    It IS true that he was on the trip before the floods, and the spokesperson could have simply said that immediately “The Governor and his wife are on a long planned personal European trip, and is making plans to return as soon as possible” instead of letting everyone think up worse and worse excuses for his absence.

    You know what even Tuscany has? Modern 21st century communications. Zoom works worldwide.

    He could have held a presser from where he was. He could have held a public meeting with state officials from where he was, showing that he was engaged like his people said he was. He could have let the citizens of Montana know he was actually on the job.

    That he didn’t and that his entire office didn’t do? Just say the simple truth.

    [Belushi] But NOOOOoooooooo![/belushi]

    They bullshat and covered up and fucked around and are finding out…

    And THAT, my friends, is how we know he and his administration doesn’t really give a flying fuck about his constituents.

    And even worse, the voters of Dumbfuckistan Montana like that! He’s not going to face any actual political blowback from this…

    The dumb motherfuckers will probably vote for him harder because of this, because there is NO behavior too vile for a modern Republican office holder to engage in.

    (Except let us know about the cocaine-fuelled orgies.)

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