Sweet Dreams for Mike Lindell

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Oops (Axios, so all the weird formatting and enigmatic bullet usage is theirs):

Walmart is the latest retailer to pull MyPillow products from its stores as the company’s CEO Mike Lindell continues to claim that the 2020 election was rigged against former President Trump.

Driving the news: Lindell shared that Walmart was “canceling” his brand during interviews he streamed on his Facebook page this week.

  • Walmart confirmed to The Hill that it pulled MyPillow products from stores but said it would carry them online.

What they’re saying: Lindell said in an interview on political strategist Steve Bannon‘s War Room podcast that Walmart pulling the products would be a “$10 million hit” to his company.

  • “You guys are canceling us just like the other box stores,” Lindell said he had told a Walmart executive during an interview he streamed on his Facebook page this week. “Shame on you, Walmart. You’re disgusting.”
  • “While we are no longer carrying them in stores, MyPillow products continue to be available on Walmart.com,” Walmart told The Hill.

Flashback: Other retailers, including Kohl’s, JCPenney and Bed Bath & Beyond, pulled MyPillow products from stores in the days and weeks after the Jan. 6 Capitol attack in 2021.

Not gonna lie: This dude needs an intervention, he’s not just hurting himself, but think of all the workers (probably underpaid) that will probably get axed if he drives his company into a ditch.

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14 Responses to Sweet Dreams for Mike Lindell

  1. This is your periodic reminder that the first time Mike had an intervention over his crack use, it was orchestrated by his dealer.

    apparently his current dealer has no qualms whatsoever about the ongoing health of his client…I’ll wager that if asked, his current dealer would say “Mike Lindell??? Don’t really know him. Maybe he got cofeve a time or two.”

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  2. Jimmy T says:

    Changed this “if” to “when.” “When he drives his company into a ditch.” Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy, and a guy who tried to smother American democracy (along with TFG) with one of his crappy pillows. He will not be missed, and walmart (ick) should be congratulated for doing the right thing…

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  3. Prairie Bob says:

    Horse feathers! Wait to see if it really happens.
    (Just like AT&T assuring us they won’t support right wing insurrection congress creeps.)

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  4. Prairie Bob says:

    Mike stained his own pillows with conspiracy vomit. Waltons will now tell him what his crap is worth.
    It’s what they do.

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  5. Buttermilk Sky says:

    Before you celebrate Walmart, it’s probably just that the things aren’t selling. They can’t afford shelf space but they’ll carry them online because that doesn’t cost them anything. Celebrate those who won’t buy them.

    You’re good people for thinking about the workers.

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  6. does not Mike-O believe in the freedom of the marketplace? Does he think WallyWorld should be REQUIRED to sell his shitty, substandard, overpriced product? Hey, Mike-O: these are some SHITTY pillows.

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  7. Redhand says:

    He’s a freak who deserves to go bankrupt. I have absolutely no time for this lunatic.

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  8. Rhoda says:

    My son moved and left his My Pillow behind some years ago. I used it between my knees to support my elderly hips. When the Mike Lindell-is-an-asshat-info reached me, I promptly tossed the thing. Stil having nightmares and regrets I allowed him into my bed. Between my legs.🤮

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  9. Richard Portman says:

    What a useless turd. A polyester sack of shit. How to trust even a pillow from this guy?
    Also, his moustache looks like shit. I don’t even want to know anything more about pillow guy.


  10. p says:

    This guy hit the merchant class jackpot: he developed a shitty product and sells it for a tidy profit. But he ties himself to a lunatic for what? Does he think he’s going to get a place at the table if they put Trump in office. Does he not see that they don’t have any governmental policies? With Trump in charge does think any of the economic policies from the current form of Government that helped his business grow are still going to be in place? They have no plans, as the four years of Trump have shown. ALL they want is to STEAL all our tax money and after that it will be gulags and Dicktator misery ever after until the poor finally rise up and eat the rich. How does that sound mr. pillow guy?


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