People Love Loudermilk’s Guided Tours Beloved on Instagram!

Well, no one ‘Grammed it.

Maybe Loudermilk was mistaken about why his “tourists” were taking pictures of a stairwell.

(Hat tip: Scissorhead M Davis)

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5 Responses to People Love Loudermilk’s Guided Tours Beloved on Instagram!

  1. E.A. Blair says:

    My first thought was that “Loudermilk” sounds like something that should have been on Prairie Home Companion. My next thought was:

    Has your family tried ’im, Loudermilk?
    Has your family lied ’im, Loudermilk!
    Well, if your family’s spied ’im,
    You know he’s traitorized ’em,
    He’s a real hot item, Loudermilk!

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  2. roket says:

    I especially liked his pictures of hallways and elevators.

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  3. *FelineMama* says:

    Um ?? Who’s this broad?? She has that Justin Bieber face paralyzing thing goin’ on. Right ???


  4. I’m not seein’ the face of a self-piteous Beebs, I see the look of “… and we’re supposed to believe this shit?!!“.


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